Kwanzaa is a Fake Racist Holiday and Should be Banned


You have no idea what or who instigated that fight.

What happened in the 2 minutes prior to the video starting?


No, jokes are funny.


It’s awful. He is intentionally being targeted. They won’t be satisfied until he’s completely ruined, then they will move on to their next victim.

So much for “tolerance” from the mob.


In their world "tolerance"is a one way street.


Exactly. No freedom of thought or religion. I think it is awful what they have done to this man.


I personally don’t care. Let them have whatever holiday they want, serve whomever they want, ban whomever they want.

It isn’t any of my business. I don’t have to frequent their establishment there are plenty of other places to go.

I don’t want the government involved in their choices. Why? Because I want the same freedom of choice when it comes to my business.

If I place racism over business and fail I have no one to blame but myself. However, if there is a group I do not wish to do business with but am forced to, then I might fail because my choices were removed from the equation.


The self-hate in this thread is amazing.


I don’t think he cares.


In case you’re unaware, a business person can hire anyone they chose.

You simply hire the person you want. There is little backlash as you establish the requirements and it’s easy to eliminate anyone from the job.

Apparently you have never hired people in the past.


A link or two would have been helpful ………………

The Official Kwanzaa Website claims that the holiday has roots in Africa. This is a lie. Kwanzaa was started in 1966 by a person named Maulana Karenga, whose real name is Ron Everett. Karenga gave himself the title of "maulana," Swahili for "master teacher." Karenga is quite the radical, as explained below.

Karenga was an extremely violent person. Karenga founded the United Slaves, a group that was the Crips to the Black Panthers’ Bloods, according to FrontPage Magazine’s Paul Mulshine. As Mulshine wrote , “In 1967, Karenga was accused of having his thugs beat up a student who asked him an impertinent question at a college forum. In 1969, US got involved in a struggle with the Black Panthers for control of the black studies program at UCLA. All involved carried guns on campus. The US guys were quicker on the draw; they killed two Panthers in a shootout at the student center.”


You are writing from your personal experience. That lends credibility to your post. However… beyond “Louman Incorporated”, there is a big world.

Employment Discrimination Lawsuits Are Rising Rapidly

The EEOC reported that employment discrimination lawsuits are on the riseand have been for several years. While the figures for 2017 are not yet available, it would be surprising if they dropped off. Here are the figures for 2016:

  • Retaliation: 42,018 (45.9 percent of all charges filed)
  • Race: 32,309 (35.3 percent)
  • Disability: 28,073 (30.7 percent)
  • Sex: 26,934 (29.4 percent)
  • Age: 20,857 (22.8 percent)
  • National Origin: 9,840 (10.8 percent)
  • Religion: 3,825 (4.2 percent)
  • Color: 3,102 (3.4 percent)
  • Equal Pay Act: 1,075 (1.2 percent)
  • Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act: 238 (.3 percent)

And beyond the stats, there are plenty of specific cases you can find as well.

Here’s some more. Maybe not alot but enough to let you know that one mistaken comment during an interview plus one discrimination lawyer plus one angry applicant and you will have to defend yourself.


Proving discrimination is a difficult thing to do especially in a right to work state.

And if you hire people you don’t make stupid comments nor do you ask questions that you cannot ask by law.


Huh. Imagine that.


Unfortunately for the Original Poster, the United States has a Constitution that offers Freedom of Speech, Assembly and Religion. “Blacks” are people & should feel free to celebrate whatever they want.

Far as “fake”, Chanukah :menorah: is a man made holiday not mentioned in sny scripture. It celebrates a military victory. Should that be banned, too?

My husband drove a cab for years, and met people who were visiting from Ireland. They tend to not like their American born counterparts, never had a kind word to say about ‘em.

Should Irish flags in North Shore cities near Boston like Revere and Winthrop be banned? How about Italian flags & stickers on rear bumpers, as well as tattoos of it on oneself.

Should that be banned, too? If black peoples want to observe Kwanzaa, more power to ‘em!


I always thought Kwanzaabot handing out the traditional Kwanzaa gift – a book describing Kwanzaa – was the best commentary on the event.

Frankly, small numbers white people being put out by Kwanzaa might have something to do with its observance by some.

It’s similar to why I think we should put up more statues when Leftists demand statutes come down. Partly because they’re fun to poke and watch them twitch and flop about but mainly because resistance is never futile.


New traditions and ideas start out being received as a joke.
Then it becomes mocked.
Then it becomes a complaint.
Then it becomes an enemy.
Then it becomes a threat.
Then it becomes an institution.

Then something new comes around.


…during Kwanzaa celebration they will be closed to the public and only providing services to their community…”

How is this different than restaurants run in Muslim majority countries only serving those who cannot fast or are not Muslims in a discrete sort of manner?

Or synagogues where people who actually are members must buy tickets to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (High Holiday services), or they cannot attend due to lack of space?

12 Step meetings which are not open to all, just addicts (closed meetings) va those that are (open meetings)?

Those black owned businesses serve the general public the rest of the year. We forbid Kwanzaa & it’s observance, there are any number of other business closings & restricted access to services we must ban as well.


In Idiocracy they elected some wrestler as president. Not too far off from current America.


That’s where hatred always starts. And when one becomes full of hate, it overflows to others.


I’m confused. Can you explain what this means?