Kwanzaa is a Fake Racist Holiday and Should be Banned


Lighten up - it was a joke.


I know, it took me a minute. It was clever.


Do I have to hate black people to be a conservative?


It’s not race, it’s culture.


IMO that is what we should be advocating. Repealing such laws as being discriminatory.

Keep in mind…every law that is crafted and put into effect erode our freedoms and produces unintended consequences.

Their was a time were basic laws increases the freedom of individuals…but that has lone since past.


You know what they say, once you go black…You’re a single mother.


First it was Black Friday, then came Kwanzaa and then Black History Month. If we’re not careful, they’ll steal the entire calendar!


So then why did @Conan’s friend only hire his own kind?


Apparently, I can’t say “Black paint!” any more. I have to be PC and say, “Please paint that wall, Leroy.”


Blacks are as entitled to freedom of expression as any other group in the US.

If they are discriminating against other races by refusing to do business with them while serving other blacks then they should be sued for discrimination just like they would sue whites who refused to serve them.


To change the culture of his race.


Ask yourself this.

Since we are entering a period/age of political discrimination who are you going to hire?

A flaming lib? Or a Conservative who is being discriminated?


Who are you mad at about that picture?


There comes a point at which the gov’t just needs to butt the hell out and we passed that point long ago.

There was a time when “Public Accomodation Laws” were necessary particularly with respect to travelers but we’re long past that period.

They should all be repealed ane never another one passed.

Freedom to, not freedom from.


What makes you think he is mad? Can you point out what you are referring to?


Sadly, it’s probably considerably more than half.


He’s not? Disgusted then? Why else would he post it?


What does this have to do with Kwanza?


You have no way of knowing if he was angry or disgusted. If you have evidence that supports your claim you should post it.

He posted a joke and pic related. It’s common on the internet.


You’re absolutely correct, I am assuming. Just like I am assuming some things about you. It is probably a character flaw. I’ll try to do better in the future. No promises though.

In my defense, the “joke”… is a FBI level clue.