Kristen Clark Is Racist

If anyone else said what she had to say, leftist would have already buried them alive.

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Another POS leftist! Next!

What a piece of shit.

And my co worker called trump racist lol

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To be fair the racial differences between caucasians mongoloids and negroids is massive when people have not looked into the science they are completing shocked by by reality(much like the first guy to reply). we are subspecies from one another the only reason we’re not considered subspecies it’s because we share a couple of genetic similarities. Black bears polar bears and brown Bears are the same type of animal but have different behaviour characteristics similar to human species we have subgroups

In 1000 years time if humans no longer existed and something had a archaeological find of a mongoloid skull a Caucasian skull and a negroids skull they would calls us subspecies

It’s reasons like this that white supremacists voted for Joe Biden accelerationists they just want the situation to come to a head

hey dr manhole can you tell us if you have black guys are your circle jerkers club…huh
I’ve been told that you have a few for your own comsumpsion only at your private parties
that you and them attend…have you given up white stuff but you don’t want you right wing
friends to know about…huh

Maybe you can give a blow by blow fun time you have with them I think you have lots of
right wingers here that would like to get in on it huh

hahahaha you’re trailer trash…you never had a job in your life…you sell your
bitch to get trailer rent…

They examined your DNA against the DNA of LOCOMAN…he was a species from 25’000
BC…and to boil it down you are the direct descendant of the shit locoman ate…that shit
was made up of a disgusting inter species thing LOCOMAN ATE and you are the only descendant…

Do you have a really big giant head that leaks green shit out one ear…huh you need to
turn yourself in cuz you are terminal and can spread your shit everywhere…