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Final passage of a massive public works bill Friday provided Joe Biden what had increasingly seemed like a vanishing ideal: A major, bipartisan accomplishment that has the power to improve the lives of millions of Americans. Really . It cost 1.2 trillion dollars . adds 900 billion to the National Debts steals the other 350 billion dollars from what Congress passed in2020 to help Americans with the hardship of Covid 19

The vote came after weeks of torturous negotiations among Democrats, and is likely to remain the only major piece of legislation Biden passes with help from Republicans ahead of next year’s midterm elections. A second, larger bill that would expand the social safety net and provide historic investments in combating climate change remains undone.

Yet after a string of setbacks and delays – including in the frenzied final hours before the bill passed – Biden emerged having accomplished what many had written off as impossible in a political era marred by dysfunction and mistrust. The bill represents the largest single infrastructure investment in American

“Finally – infrastructure week,” Biden said with a laugh as he strode into the State Dining Room on Saturday morning to trumpet his victory, an unsubtle dig at the futile, Groundhog Day-like efforts to pass a roads-and-bridges improvement during the last administration.

“We did something that’s long overdue, that’s long been talked about in Washington, but never has actually been done,” Biden said.

The experience has proved both frustrating and illuminating as he discovers just how fractious the current environment really is. People who have spoken to him over the past days describe Biden as focused and jocular – but also confused at Democrats’ seeming inability to strike an agreement on what is ostensibly a widely popular agenda.

As he celebrated the bill’s passage on Saturday morning, Biden acknowledged the fraught conditions in Congress and conceded they would not end with one bipartisan accomplishment.

“I know we’re divided. I know how mean it can get and I know there are extremes on both ends that make it more difficult than it’s been in a long, long time,” he said. “But I’m convinced the American people know that we’re committed to enhancing their ability to make their way and all do better.” Biden then goes into a rant Whispering into the microphone, I told you Trump I would do this and you never could Legs spread wide open Kamala Harris was standing thiuer and after Biden trefused to answer any reports question walk up to Biden and started Rubbing Bidens ass, Shelook and said Lets get away for a while now and relax

Until nearly the last minute Friday, it appeared as if internal Democratic divisions would again deprive the President of a bipartisan infrastructure bill to sign into law, despite an intensive, late-night effort from Biden and his aides to finally bring members of his party around.

What ultimately worked was the intensive brokering of an agreement between warring wings of the party, ending a blockade by progressives in exchange for a commitment in writing from moderates to support the larger plan no later than the middle of this month.

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Correct, something Trump talked about a lot but NEVER did.

And as for your criticism that it adds 900 billion to the national debt, The national debt that Trump PROMISED to pay off, went from 19.8 trillion to 27 trillion during his single term, so stop the hand wringing. You guys never mind debt if you agree with who’s accumulating it….:roll_eyes:

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Compromise and promises Jim……:wink: