Justice: Antifa Thug Who Busted a Man's Head Open Gets Nearly 6 Years in Prison

Finally some good news in getting justice against the anarchist Thugs of ANTIFA!

I expect to see more like this especially considering what happened in the Eric Clanton case!


Here is a link of the bloody photos from the Attack

Look at the cute ANTIFA idiot. Almost six years of his young butt being traded for cigarettes awaits him, he’s only 24 with no previous criminal record and now his life is officially ruined. Play stupid games…

ANTIFA are sallow, and attack in groups those who for whatever reason can’t fight back- in this shitbag’s case clubbing someone from behind- the ANTIFA way.

I would not be the least bit sad if he dies inside.


Good! We need to start seeing more instances of Antifa getting locked up. They won’t be so tough in prison without their masks squad protecting them.

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At least he wasn’t excused. No doubt SPLC will be doing multiple appeals. The really sad think is that had the roles been reversed, the conservative would likely be headed for the gallows.

Gage Halupowski…don’t drop the soap, bitch.

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Remember… the Military Arm of the Democrat Party used to be called the KKK.

ANTIFA is a domestic terrorist organization.

I hope he can buy knee pads or use thick pillows and has enough KY until
he is stretched enough .I hope he has something for the mouth and throat pains he’ll have.

At least for now , ANTIFA isn’t above the law. Where are the Liberal Hollywood Elites such as Ed Asner now???

Ed Asner? That old fart is still around?

Yes he is and is a supporter of cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal.

I hope he’s exposed to white supremacists. Whose ya daddy? Let the 6 year games begin.

Same thing happened when a proud boy busted a guys nose and y’all thought he shouldn’t have gotten any time…:roll_eyes:

Left with a slap on the wrist, people like him will just become further emboldened because at their heart they are cowards.

I hope this sends a message loud and clear, but I won’t hold out hope on that.

Perhaps we have courts wishing to make early examples hoping to discourage this type of behavior from continuing. Last month a proud boy received similar sentencing for a similar crime. :+1:

Let’s hope so; there’s zero excuse for violence.

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