Julian Assange to stay in prison over absconding fears

What a disgusting crime against humanity by the all-powerful. I wonder if he’s still alive. I’d actually bet that he isn’t. Hell hath no fury like vindictive incompetent politicians exposed.

Not even one taker then? You see, this is why our ‘born to rule’ classes don’t care how fucking useless they are - they know they’ll get away with it because we’ll be dumb enough to keep voting them back into power. Somebody has the guts to expose the charlatans but we not only ignore the informant, we stay on the side of those he’s exposing. How the elitists must despise us for our cowardice and stupidity.

I didn’t see your thread otherwise I would have responded. At the stage, Assange meets the textbook definition of a political prisoner being held against his will without actually being charged with a crime. The elite want him dead. If they got to Epstein it’s only a matter of time before they get to him. That’s probably the reason why the US is hell bent on extradition. Once he gets into the American prison system, his safety won’t be guaranteed.

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Sucks for him, but the minute he heads out into the world he’s done. He’s young enough to wait out most of the powerful people he pissed off. He needs to focus on getting fit and keeping his mind right then tuck in for the long haul.

You put it better than I can. In other words the useless and corrupt bastards are using (ABusing?) him as a ‘Don’t even think about it.’ warning to other would-be whistleblowers.

Yes, he’s young enough, but he has lost 14 years of his life - and counting??

In response to this

" Saudi Crown Prince On Killing Of Jamal Khashoggi: ‘It Happened Under My Watch’ " UN investigators have spoken of the horror of listening to the tapes of his murder #r4today

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I would suggest that those UN investigators speak of the horror that Julian Assange, who is still being held against his will in HMP Bellmarsh, will face when he’s deported to the US by our snivelling poodle government, and never heard of again? Our hypocrisy is breathtaking.