John Ward Eviscerates Hunter Biden

John Ward’s latest video is one for the ages and is simply a stroke of brilliance. Not only that, but makes a good case why Biden’s career may be over when more info about Ukraine is learned and exposed. Enjoy!

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Noseicrats … will they get anyone in trouble when a Weiner couldn’t?

There is video of former VP Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley snorting cocaine. There is a police report, a Navy waiver and a divorce detailing his son Hunter’s cocaine and crack abuse and no one in the media cares. But if it was Donald J. Trump Jr or Eric Trump it would be on CNN 24/7.

Cocaine and crack? Who cares. That’s the small stuff. Hunter Biden’s bank records show that $3.1 million flowed in from the Ukrainians over an 18 month period.

$142,000 was wired from a Ukrainian oligarch

$1.2M came from an LLC connected to a bank with a history of money laundering

All while his dad steered Ukrainian policy :thinking:

That’s what should sink him and his old man. It won’t though. It will all be about ‘muh experience’ and ‘muh steady hand’ (all over that kid).

Pretty much. Rodger Clinton used to say Bill had a nose for the stuff and nothing came of it either.