John Bolton Spotted Walking Alone on an Empty Street in Doha Qatar

Have to say this is rather strange seeing this, and it was confirmed that he indeed is there on a business trip so no this isn’t his doppelganger. No telling what these Deep staters are doing behind the scenes.

Considering that Iran didn’t go the way he wanted, he’s probably in the region reassuring the Sunni power structure.

I know he’s not in the administration anymore but it is a little odd that such a senior US figure is just strolling around by himself like that. I know he doesn’t rate secret service protection or anything like that but it’s quite odd that he would be in the Middle East at this current time. I don’t trust him and I never have.

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That is what I am thinking too. This seem too out of place for it to be coincidental IMO. Like you, I don’t trust Bolton either, he is a Deep Stater to the core, and I am sure he is trying or doing something to undermine US foreign policy in order to instigate more conflicts.

Out there breaking the Logan act most likely.

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