Joey Biden Says Tornadoes Are Not Called That Anymore Then Babbles About "The Wetlands Of Nevada"

Joey Biden is getting worse, the brain rot is getting severe. Here he is rambling TOTAL GIBBERISH as usual, saying that tornadoes are not called tornadoes anymore and babbling about the wetlands of Nevada…Huh? WTF are THE WETLANDS OF NEVADA? Does Nevada HAVE WETLANDS?

IF you can’t bear to watch this latest trainwreck, then this is EXACTLY what Joey babbles in the video:

"“ah…y’know the…looks like a tornado, they don’t call them that any more, that hit the crops and and wetlands in middle of the country and in Iowa and Nevada and I mean it’s just across the board and uh y’know um as I said we’re in this together”

I mean some people ACTUALLY voted for this demented and stupid SOB and 43% of them APPARENTLY approve of the “job” this demented and stupid SOB is doing!

Are they as demented and as stupid as Joey OR are they on heavy duty Crack or something?

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It’s now on Breitbart:

Those voters are worse than him. Maybe he believes Hoover Dam qualifies as a wetland.

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Senator Ted Cruz re-Tweeted the below. Joey Biden is well into Senile Dementia now, the dude DOESN’T even know what YEAR we are in, he THINKS we are somewhere PRE-2020, here’s him saying it, straight from the horses mouth:



Brain dead moron , God help the Country . China and Russia are licking their chops !

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