Jit trolling-Helllo queer bear

Do they even know Ev will be made in China?

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Excellent point, they probably want inflation protection

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What a dumb ass comment.

What the UNION demands.

Eliminating wage tiers.
A 40% wage increase over the life of the contract. The 40% signifies the increase to CEO salaries.
Restoring the cost-of-living allowance adjustments to counteract inflation.
Defined benefit pension for all workers.
The right to strike over plant closures.
A reduced work week and more paid time off.
Limiting the use of temporary workers.
Increased benefits to current retirees.

You see the part where Jizzard likes talking to himself with his imaginary friend “American King”?

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Don’t indulge the imbecilic loser!

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I agree with restoring COLA INCREASES, more paid time off, limiting use of temps ( hopefully to eliminate them) and increased retiree benefits, defined benefit pension and right to strike over plant closings. Seperate negotiation over shorter work week and plant closings.
Disagree with 40% wage increase( maybe 25% ) .

Perhaps you will remember why the auto companies declared bankruptcy in 2008.

Who is on the assembly line building the cars and working the OT??? THE CEO!!! STOCKHOLDERS!!!
Why no comment of my post ? I dont think Im un realistic!!!
I hope you know both sides ask for FAR MORE so they have a fall back position. Neither side gets everything they ask for.