Jewish Facebook bans White Identity Politics

The more I argued with them, the better I came to know their dialectic. First they counted on the stupidity of their adversary, and then, when there was no other way out, they themselves simply played stupid. If all this didn’t help, they pretended not to understand, or, if challenged, they changed the subject in a hurry, quoted platitudes which, if you accepted them, they immediately related to entirely different matters, and then, if again attacked, gave ground and pretended not to know exactly what you were talking about. Whenever you tried to attack one of these apostles, your hand closed on a jelly-like slime which divided up and poured through your fingers, but in the next moment collected again. But if you really struck one of these fellows so telling a blow that, observed by the audience, he couldn’t help but agree, and if you believed that this had taken you at least one step forward, your amazement was great the next day. The ■■■ had not the slightest recollection of the day before, he rattled off his same old nonsense as though nothing at all had happened, and, if indignantly challenged, affected amazement; he couldn’t remember a thing, except that he had proved the correctness of his assertions the previous day.

Sometimes I stood there thunderstruck. I didn’t know what to be more amazed at: the agility of their tongues or their virtuosity at lying. Gradually I began to hate them.

Yeah… you can quote Adolph Hitler. Good boy.

He’s just so dreamy.

Ahh…you are just attracted to that bull semen he injected into himself.

Insulting dead men doesn’t turn you white, Ishmael.

He isn’t dead. He lives on in you.
So he is fair game. Bull semen. Bull semen. Bull semen.

You must have seen me looking good on the dance floor.


The little corporal. He and Hillary could have spazzed out together.

Yeah but there are white people claiming to be black so there is that! You might as well call yourself a ■■■ too! You probably had your bloodlines compromised somewhere down the line by some slutty great Aunt or Grandmother who couldn’t keep her legs closed you just don’t know about it!

Like transgenderism, this is a mental illness. A great aunt being a bestialist wouldn’t actually affect my bloodline in any way, as she is not my direct ancestor.

Shapeshifting is a mental illness.

Not really! Its common knowledge that being a ■■■ is not an ethnicity!

In any case, regardless of what tyranny Faceberg pull on us next, there’s always hope.

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Best. Compliment. Ever.

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They should. I mean, didn’t early Muslims make a big deal about Mohammad’s whiteness?

So how does worshiping a raging homosexual and drug user can be seen as a compliment?

Why so homophobic? Not very woke of u

Who said I was? Just asking an honest question, seeing that you all in on the White Supremacy band wagon. Doesn’t essentially homosexuality defeat your cause?

Supremacy is earned and deserved.