JD Vance getting killed by Ryan in the Polls

I could have sworn the voter turn out was largely in Republican side. Over 100,000 voters… is this media propaganda?

Who the fuck cares ? Ohio has turned demoRAT so fuck all of them . I love seeing the record number of crimes and murders in dem cities we cant get rid of enough of them .

GO RON D 2024

I know where I live in Ohio is definitely not Demorat! The 100 mile radius I travel every week is strongly Republican.


My assumption is this is all about pollsters with a particular bias calling known Democrats to demoralize the Republican base with shitty polling data.

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Since when did anyone start taking polling data seriously? Trump had a zero percent chance of winning in 2016 but ended up kicking ass. That’s precisely why they had to commit even more voter fraud in 2020.