Jason Chaffetz: Trump's border wall may get funding after all (thanks to this dirty little Washington secret)

I find it odd that food stamps, etc. will continue but securing our border and ICE is considered “non-essential”

What I find to be scary here is a potential for the DEMs to get the upper hand with the following narrative.

If the shutdown persists for an elongated period of time, I suspect we will begin seeing impact to our front-line border and ICE agents. DEMs could then try and make the case that if Trump really cared about our security, he wouldn’t be shutting down the very agency responsible for that security.

I don’t envy Trump for the position in which he finds himself.

It will all be over soon. Pelosi is in her way to Russia :confused:

I wish you’re right but I’m thinking they can get on unemployment can they not?

What are the rules for that? I mean they well evidently get back pay for their vacation time but collecting unemployment at the same time?

Anyone know of hand or do I need to use google. :thinking:

They don’t care about illegal immigrants; they don’t care about the wall; they don’t care about the money. The ONLY thing they care about is handing Trump a defeat.

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Exactly. There are lots of good people who work for the government. Those people aren’t 'the swamp". Not only that, but they have nothing to do with the shutdown.

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Yep, that’s the D party in a nutshell.

$15 billion is nothing, considering the government probably spends that amount in a couple of days. Might not even take that long.

It is just spite.

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My take is that you actually have to be unemployed to qualify for unemployment insurance. That isn’t the case here.

If the shutdown is prolonged, I’m thinking we will see some creative ideas from the lending industry that will help fill in the pay gaps. Unfortunately, there would also be some number of predatory lenders ready to swoop in as well.

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Wouldn’t the democrats just have a cow if a GoFundMe raised enough money to keep ICE and Border Patrol on the job? Americans showing their support for our men and women in these jobs?

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If they cared about illegals as human beings they would secure the border and do everything possible to dissuade them from undertaking the journey.

Trump embarrassed the hell out of Schumer and Pelosi and now it is payback time with good Americans paying the price for their pride and ego.

Yes, they definitely would. The Dems are to blame for this, but many people won’t see it that way.

It isn’t just the media that believes in open borders. Even TV shows are getting into the act.

I was browsing threw my TV channels guide and tonight’s episode of Madam Secretary caught my attention. It sad the Secretary goes head to head with a governor over the state’s policy of separating children of illegals from their parents.

Of course, the governor will be portrayed as a Republican racist. There was another show that had illegals as a topic but can’t remember which one it was.

I won’t be watching Madam Secretary (never have) but it’s not the first time it’s been political, and not even the only CBS show to to so. Murphy Brown sure was, one of their recent episodes had their reporter go to a Trump rally where he was assaulted.

So we can’t even escape left wing crap when watching a TV show.

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I wouldn’t be able to stand watching it. I’m sure it was emotion filled mother/child bond, etc.

What if there were a series where the real “mother” is killed somewhere between Mexico and the United States so as to up the illegals chance for admission. Where she then sells the child the first moment she is free in the United States.

Perhaps something more in tune with reality rather than emotion?

The death of any migrant, the assault or crime committed against a migrant because they have been mislead is on the heads of the democrats and RINO’s.

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Now that is something I’d watch for sure, not the left wing propaganda we cant escape even when watching TV shows.

And of course we will never get a chance to see it.

I think it was Law and Order who did the other pro illegal immigrant episode but could be wrong.

Unfortunately, the left all but owns the entertainment industry. For the most part I’ve stopped watching network TV. The rare exception is a very small number of comedies such as The Goldbergs, American Housewife, Sheldon, The Big Bang.

I also find myself watching the old comedies such as Frasher, Cheers, etc. on the streaming channels.