Jared Kushner Leaves Palestinians Out Of Two-State Deal Then Blames Them For Screwing Everything Up

He’s done better than most already in drawing up something the Israelis are willing to sign onto and most importantly it includes a completely autonomous Palestinian state, something which they’ve never agreed to before.

Those two only served to extend the conflict and the illusion that they were actually doing anything.

With respect to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict it got decidedly worse during both their tenures.

Overall? The “Arab Spring”, Benghazi, and a renewed intifada.

He showed it didn’t take a " rocket scientist " to come up with a plan good for both sides.
The Dems are jealous and pissed off because again, President Trump beat them to the punch and if its accepted, it will further enhance victory in Nov.


And the White Nationalist/Neo Nazis are in full meltdown because a lasting peace between the Jews and Arabs in Israel assured that Israel will remain “The Jewish State” in perpetuity.

I don’t have any issue with Israel being a Jewish ethnostate. I just wonder why Western countries aren’t allowed to do the same.

Israel doesn’t exclude non Jews nor does it expel them.

Everyone already knows that Israel is a de-facto ethnostate.

They use genetic tests to keep their state “genetically pure” (pure Jew, that is). They sterilize Blacks without their knowledge or consent. They build walls to keep Muslims out. They have eugenics programs to eliminate diseases and avoid dysgenic coupling.

Ok though…keep spreading your conspiracy nut bs.

I just want America to have what Israel has.

Are you sure of that?

Size of New Jersey

50%+ desert

No gas or Oil

Surrounded by enemies

Ancient Capital City that is a religious Holy Site for three antagonistic religions.

Locations that are prophesied to be final “Armageddon”…

Location of Lowest Sea level on earth.


The two state solution may not be perfect in everyone’s eyes, but for crying out loud, make it happen!

PRAY for this and silence those aspects of faithlessness lurking in the heart. Imaginary distinctions tie all beings to the lower life states.

Self-fulfilling prophecy…

Everything is cause and effect. You prefer hell and misery? Keep warring.

Armageddon - Paths and Planes and Future Gains Lyrics

Silver trumpets call
Herald shining armour
Armour so bright
That the blind will fall

Standing face to face
Eye to eye with no one
Falling sometimes
Never letting go

And the awesome foe
Waits in darkened corners
Fearing all light
Fearing sacred sight

Shining chariots
Bearing sacred souls
Ride the surface
Of the deepest holes

Calling on my forces
Witnessing the source
Stand and face the moment
Waiting on its course
Standing on the mountain
Valley all in cloud

See another mountain
Calling from the shroud
Paths that wander nowhere
Wasting precious time
Witnessing the forces
Calling on the source

Reaching out for something
Knowing that it’s there
I face the precious moments
Holding if I dare
Standing on the mountain
Valley all in cloud
See another mountain
Calling from the shroud

Yep, that’s what Kushner did filmknight…

Most right wingers don’t care about that. A few lefties either.

That’s of course an absolute lie. You don’t even have to be Jewish to emigrate to Israel.

It doesn’t really matter what they recognize. Israel justifiably took it from them in two wars when the original owners used them to attack Israel.

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Mega ditto’s on this one, it’s worth repeating! :+1:

Hold on now…This is the “Art of the Deal” in action, I’m sure Donald’s protege apprentice has this under control. Jared just needs to "orange " up the make-up a bit and bleach his hair and the deal will be done…

I know. If Palestine would just bend a little they could have homosexual themed EDM parties and 200% APR payday loans like Saudi Arabia.

What gives?

From a big picture perspective this whole situation just makes me laugh. Out of all the world religions leave it to the Cannanites to invent a God that’s a real estate agent.

I hate to break it to you but Palestinians come in all flavors and with all the perversions every other race and ethnicity comes with.