It's the UN that's meddling with US politics

The United Nations serves absolutely no purpose. It’s nothing but a welfare system at the country level. We should stop funding in immediately and let it collapse.

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By Tlyer Durden

Klaatu Baradus Nicktu, I think. It’s about to capsize.

The New World Order crowd, who hate the US Constitution.
The Left in the 19th century and earlier in the 20th century cared about the poor, but the Left morphed into satanic perverts who want bloodbath.

There is nothing strange about it, because Karl Marx was a satanist himself who merely pretended to be an ideological messiah, pretending to save humanity.

Have you ever read 1984?
That’s what the New World Order is all about.
George Orwell knew about the satanic plot because his father worked for the British intelligence.

WHO…invited them in? Demonstrate please.

The same people who founded the Fed.
These individuals may be dead, but their bloodlines continue.

Soros, representing the Rothschilds.
The Rockefellers are the “blue veins” of America, although they are crypto-Jews, like the Clintons and the Bush family.

The CIA and FBI have different factions, some are for and some are against Constitutional America.

Where’s the evidence of this?

What “this”?
David Steel tells it like it is.

Identity of the Bush family

Yeah, we all know the history of the Bush family beginning with grandpa being busted under the trading with the enemies act. But where’s your evidence that there’s UN troops in America? Where’s your proof that they were invited here? Where’s your proof of who it is/was that invited them? And where’s your proof that they are prepared to fire upon US citizens? And what makes you think that the US military with 4,400 bases here would allow it?

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Not quite yet.
They are hiding in the mountains of Mexico.
There were reports of Russian troops in Alaska (under the guise of the UN) but I have no proof.

The US military will have to follow the order from the commander in chief. Go figure if Killery was President, God forbid.

The US military is capable of bombing the most remote areas of Central Asia and God knows where, but has no training in dropping bombs on the US soil.

Now, Trump has 40,000 or so Marine Corps beefed up with reservists to guard 4 major cities, DC being one of them, in anticipation of a coup. It’s a matter of record and it just happened this month.

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I’d be more afraid of being surrounded by the Democrats on the debate stage.

Please provide your proof of this…

The Leftists aren’t smart enough to plan a coup.

There is no coup…


Right, got it. But that’s not what you said…:man_shrugging:

I have another source which I don’t want to quote here

I was responding to the last paragraph of Digis comment which mentions in anticipation of a coup.

He Does have maines ready.Dont’ know what cities yet.But something going to break soon

DC and LA, most likely.

I don’t know about other cities but probably close the border with Mexico. And that’s exactly why the wall is being built.