It's Obvious We Can't Trust People Involved In Law Enforcemnt or Security, so

Mark Levin has dramatic suggestion for ‘systemic racism’ — and politicians won’t like it --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I mean, you never know what’s in a mans heart; so best not take any risks. Does that sound logical?

Apparently that’s the logic behind defunding police departments…

So security for political figures should be in the same boat, correct?

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Not sure what you mean?

So with over 1,200,000 law enforcement officers in the USA , we see about 120 bad seeds SO that make every one of them BAD , WTF
NOW , with 17% of our population , about 55,000,000 we have 2,8000,000 in prison and another 97,000 on parole and 80,000 on probation , we need not count those that get off , what can we conclude from that FACT ? THINK HARD ASSHOLE !!!

I mean it’s possible for a politician’s bodyguard to go berserk. Not worth the risk.

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This article skews the problem but this is about all states. Stop the militarization training of the US police departments by Israel. Their minorities are arabs and they use lethal force against them. That’s their world and not at all like the US.

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Gotcha. This is our world. 1. ## Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial - › memorial .asp

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