Is Everything Something to Cry About Now?

Who wants to pass out the diapers? Kleenex for tears and runny noses? Are we really getting that sissified?!

Congressman Ed Case jokingly made the remark that he was “Asian trapped in a white body”. Could it be he identifies with Asian descended peoples and their values as someone married to a woman with Japanese heritage and representing a largely Asian district? Maybe he’s even picked up some Japanese?

No. The usual suspects emerge with such idiotic expressions as “check your privilege” and another referring to him as a “haole”, or foreigner.

So it’s OK to refer to a native born American and elected representative as a foreigner, but not OK for him to say he identifies with the people he represents. Got it.

I’m sick of these whiny crybabies :sob: and their buckets of tears. Who wants to get a mop?! We’ve given too much power to delicate snowflakes and social justice warriors we never should have even offered one seat at the coffee table, and they’re long overdue for a good, strong, kick in the ass.