Is C-SPAN joining the Fake News Crowd?

It seems C-SPAN is editing the transcripts of recorded briefings by President Trump.

Oh come on. Seriously? They are just supposed to sit there and summarize what happened…not editorialize.

They didn’t edit any tapes. They didn’t make comments on air that changed what was said. So far as I know, they didn’t editorialize on the air.

Someone at C-SPAN selectively edited the written transcript of the tape. The MSM wrote their stories by copying the written transcript (first by one outlet, then copied by others). They reported what the written transcripts said rather than what was actually said on tape.

Read the American Thinker article carefully. It took me a while to grasp what it says.

On edit:
C-SPAN explained that the closed captioning on their tapes is generated by a third party and is not guaranteed by C-SPAN to be accurate.

So I was incorrect in saying that “someone at C-SPAN selectively edited…”

My bad.

Cable news media is a 24/7 advertisement paid for by vaccine companies that’s pretending to be legitimate news.

So are you saying that Gilead (Vaccine maker) is being paid by CNN? :roll_eyes: