'Intactivist' mom who took son into hiding to save his foreskin sobs in court as she signs consent for circumcision

The mother declined to sign a consent form for the surgery, and was advised she would remain jailed indefinitely. So she reconsidered and she reluctantly agreed to sign.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A Florida woman jailed in a long-running dispute over her son’s circumcision has been released after nine nights behind bars.

Heather Hironimus, 31, has been portrayed as a martyr by anti-circumcision advocates.

Hironimus and her four-year-old-son’s father, Dennis Nebus, have been warring for years over whether to have the boy’s foreskin removed. She initially agreed in a parenting agreement filed in court, then changed her mind, giving way to a long legal fight. Circuit and appellate judges have sided with the father.

With her legal options dwindling, Hironimus went missing in February, and ignored a judge’s order that she appear in court and give her consent for the surgery to be performed. A warrant was issued, but she wasn’t located until May 14 at a Broward County shelter where she was staying with her son.

Brought before Judge Jeffrey Gillen on Friday, Hironimus again declined to sign a consent form for the surgery, and she was advised she would remain jailed indefinitely. After the hearing recessed and she reconsidered, she reluctantly agreed to sign, sobbing as she put pen to paper.

Though the signature solved a contempt charge against her, she still faces a criminal charge of interference with child custody.

Lawyers for both the mother and father have declined to comment, citing an ongoing gag order in the case. The parents had a six-month relationship but were never married. The father has called circumcision “just the normal thing to do.”

In court, the father’s attorney said the surgery had not yet been scheduled, but Gillen gave him sole authority, temporarily, for the boy’s medical decisions, and granted a motion to allow him to travel out-of-state to have the procedure completed.

The woman’s mother, Mary Hironimus, said “intactivists” — anti-circumcision activists — planned to reach out to doctors around the country to urge them not to perform the circumcision.

Georganne Chapin, executive director of Intact America, which advocates against circumcision, said the images of a distraught Heather Hironimus signing the form to allow the surgery show how she was “bullied” into it and that she doesn’t truly give her consent.

“If anyone finds out the circumstances under which she signed, a doctor would be insane to carry out that surgery,” she said.


What in the actual fuck?

This is why the state needs to stay out of private healthcare decisions. If the parents couldn’t agree that’s between them to figure out. The court should not be involved at all. This is garbage.

Are you surprised when you see things like this as well?


I remember this and I posted a thread on this topic and nothing but crickets here! This is outrageous!

What do you mean you decline the privilege for your son to participate in a symbolic ritual sacrifice to Moloch, woman? That’s not an option.


You can mutilate your kid but God forbid you let them play at a park without being in attendance.

This is typical family court bullshit.

The only question is why they’re circumcising ANYONE at FOUR YEARS of age?

Babies don’t remember that shit. A 4 year old is going to remember it.

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Agreed. At this point in time, the best thing to have done was to rule that the child could make the decision about it when he is an adult.

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Is there such a law that specifies you can’t let your kid play at the park alone? What the hell is going on with our country?

City laws. Some places. And in some places - Democrat cities - that law makes sense. Children are not safe where liberal Democrats rule.

So those days when our moms yelled at us to go out and play are pretty much over huh?

Yeah… in many places.
Democrats have empowered both men and women who are threats to children. Democrats protect underage animals who prey on other decent children.

Dam! That really sucks! I was just thinking of those long summer days of hiking down to the creek with our dog and riding our bicycles on dead end streets, collecting fireflies and then hearing our moms voice telling us it’s time to come in! This is sad!

Yep. It was America. We were Americans.
My memories are similar.
And I cannot imagine who I would be now if they were radically different.

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General anesthesia. … .


Right there ^^

I’m also siding with those who say this isn’t an issue for the courts. But the biggest cringe from the story was seeing that the kid is now 4 years old.

And you’d think it would be the father (at this point) not wanting to do that to his son.

The whole thing is a mess.

When I grew up, we were as free as the kids in the movie, “The Sandlot”.

When the parents can’t agree unfortunately the courts are the next step.

This is much more about the personality of the mother than anything else.

Pretty much the same here. We’d ride all over the county on bikes and usually with .22’s or a shotgun slung over our backs.

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Swimming naked in one of the old strip mines. Boys & girls. What an innocent time. Every kid had a .22 rifle. I swam in places I’m afraid to walk near today. A Divine Providence that watches over kids & drunks. Today, you’re not even safe before your born.image FULL TERM WITH DEFENSIVE WOUNDS.

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