Impeachment: fight's on!

That is par for the course for someone of John Solomon’s caliber, a real journalist doing real reporting, and he scares the deep state because they know he is getting too close.

That is an interesting angle, however it wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit, all those countries are in the pay for play scheme.

Viewing the Chicago corruption machine, the fingerprints of corruption have been very clear to me since the first day of Obama’s administration. Hell, the entire run up to Obama’s election smelled to high heaven, but was anything done? Hardly! Zero was the hand picked Globalist/Progressive tool, deftly used by skilled, monies commiecrats and finally, funded by Soros and his U.N. friends. Obama was an illegal POS, more to the point, is a authentic piece-of-shit traitor. Mussolini was hung out to dry when his countrymen realized what he was – Obama deserves no less, followed by Biden.

And more psychological projection…a shrink could build a retirement fund on this.

I think my point requires no clarification, tks.

Yeah ok Dr Phil! When you come up with some new material be sure to let us know! I am sure we will be waiting on your every word!


There is less impeachment evidence than there was to the so called collusion and obstruction.
Shifty is a poor choice to head the committee.
After Trump wins 4 more years, I hope he becomes the High Grand INQUISITOR.

Text book display of juvenile devolving post reduced to weak ad hominem…“cheap” debating skill and intolerance on full reflex display. Dr. Phil would be able to retire on the treatment needs alone :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Crooked Donnie will be impeached under constitutional grounds.

Truth hurts doesn’t it? You got nothing Zero Hero! How about coming up with more original material Dr. Shill? Or better yet provide actual facts to contribute to this conversation. So far you haven’t been able to do either and it’s hilarious watching you make an ass out of yourself TROLL!

Delusional, Troll, Cultural Marxist, Zero Hero, TDS sufferer? Take your pick! All apply!

The desperation and hurt in your post is…but obvious. Crooked Donnie’s actions and behavior is exactly what the framers designed impeachment for.

No! Just showing everybody here what a complete ass you are making of yourself who has contributed nothing to this threads conversation! Being in denial of that fact doesn’t make you look any smarter! In fact, it makes you look more retarded than you already are!

BTW how old are you? 12 years old? GTFU!

Last month, Schiff said neither he nor his committee had contact with the whistleblower. He also said that he might never have found out about the whistleblower complaint if the Intelligence Committee inspector general had not brought it to the committee’s attention.

These two statements, were, of course, not true at all.

In reality, the whistleblower spoke with Intelligence Committee staff before filing the complaint, seeking advice on how to proceed, and Schiff was made aware of the nature of the complaint before it was filed.

Schiff’s defense for the falsehoods is essentially that everyone else simply misunderstood his answer.

“Do you regret saying that we—the committee—weren’t in touch with the whistleblower?” asked “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan.

You people are stupid as you didn’t understand what I said.


Yah…that tRump is such a strong man of integrity, truth and the American way. :roll_eyes:

Nice avatar though. It’s rare that people use a selfie brah… You look to be a very…
…well something.

Can you tie your own shoes or do other tricks?

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lol now they are going to fall all over themselves defending each and every flub that the Orange Occupant made since the day he announced he had bone spurs…just to refute your post :laughing:


So you rez an old thread, post absolutely nothing of substance, then insult the way someone looks? How progressive of you. Super tolerant. Brave. Powerful. Stunning…and all that other shit you clowns say to one another.

Great to see that your fee fees are in an uproar. :rofl:

How was I to know one of his parents was a Howler Monkey?

so unfair

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Oh, don’t tell me that criticizing someone’s appearance offends you…

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Thusfar, there are “bombshells” falling faster than a WWII raid on London, yet no details, only opinions f what was said. There s a reason the Dems want to hold as many of these hearings in private as possible.

If at the end f this auto de fe by Dems, Trump is impeached, so be it. If all they have is the opinions of secondhand partisans and the gripes of disgruntled former employees, the impeachment trial will be held in the Senate, where the Dems won’t get to control the show, blather on for two minutes followed by a yes or no question that is inappropriate for a yes or no answer, then cut of the witness.
The ‘trial’ will make the Dems look like mean spirited partisans, and mark my words- will result in the GOP electorally vaporizing the Dems in Nov. 2020.
As they say - be careful of what you wish for…