"Impeach Pelosi!" Chants In South Carolina...Let's Do It!

Not only did the Pelosi-Schiff-Nadler Impeachment Circus fail to really hurt President Trump (his support ratings have gone up), it has completely backfired to the point that people are calling for Nancy to retire, to be defeated or to be impeached.

She deserves any one of the three, but I think impeachment by a Republican controlled House in 2020 would put icing on the cake.

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She looks like a damn skeleton. I don’t even think her steady diet of fetal stem cells will keep her going.

Anybody else notice the antifa scumbags never show up in places like South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama or Mississippi?


Delighted to see the message delivered by such a large and enthusiast crowd!

Her brain has been impeached for quite some time; may as well finish the process.

Let’s hope this really catches on like “Lock Her Up” did so we can all be disappointed when absolutely nothing comes of it.