Ilhan Omar is Mercilessly Booed off the Stage

This is what karma looks like when it boomerangs! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This video is being memory holed on youtube so its a good thing I downloaded it. Her own people don’t even like her and know what a fraud she is. Omar has done absolutely nothing for her district and is among the squad that has done the same, which is nothing at all.

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Anti-American scum bucket needs to be run out of our Country and demoRATS need to be out of office by the boat loads . I barely recognize this Country , It’s not the one i fought for !!!

President Biden’s administration has released a series of documents encouraging gender-reassignment surgery and hormone treatments for minors.
Michelle Obama just hates America. She does not have good things to say about our country. She does not share the view that America is a gift from God. She believes that America is a mistake. That’s basically the divide in America.
DemoRATS are invested in dividing the country into opposing factions based on race, sex, or whatever other attribute they can contrive. They slander their fellow Americans as racist bigots if we don’t go along with this division or submit to their agenda.
Andrew Cuomo(death sentencer of the old and helpless once did in rebuttal to Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan, that America was “never that great.
If you kill a few thousand senior citizens through negligent policymaking and subsequently try to cover it up, that’s considered politically survivable in the current climate. Alleged inappropriate behavior around staffers, however, is a death sentence.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been accused of all these things. While his sexual misconduct and egregious mishandling of COVID-19 are both heinous, they are not equally so. It should not be controversial to assert killing the elderly through incompetence is far more depraved than anything the New York Attorney General has accused the governor of doing to his subordinates.


This is not about Fucking Republican or Fucking Democrats! It’s about the FACT that this is the first Fucking President in Fucking History who praises the rest of the Fucking corrupt World and Shits on his own Country! It’s just who he is as a person. An angry ungrateful community Organizer! Remember his Fucking wife? Only when she realized a Miracle had happened, she became Proud of her Country!

This was a blast from the past. Written by an angry democrat :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: