Ilhan Omar Clip blowing up Twitter! Outrageous!

This is pretty disgusting to watch as Shelia Jackson is talking about American casualities as Ilhan Omar the traitor that she is seen in the background laughing and smiling. Nevermind the "Asshole of Congress also smiling in smug fashion this is pretty infuriating to watch. Its a slap to all American Service personnel serving over seas and at home.

The twitter reaction is off the charts and it is clear most don’t like her and she should be charged with not only violating immigration law but with treason. The more I see this the more I despise anybody who call themselves a Democrat and not renounce this putrid behavior that is nothing more as betrayal.

Their attitude and demeanor towards Americans is appalling and they should be voted out of the office they “occupy”.

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Pretty disgusting.

The DOJ and ICE need to get off their asses and deal with her appropriately starting with revoking her citizenship and sending her back to Somalia for immigration fraud.

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Acting like the low class gutter trash they are. I think Shelia Jackson-Lee is a moron but damn. Have some respect for your elders when they are speaking. Nasty little shits.


Illhan Omar is a treasonous wretch that should be prosecuted immediately for well known abuses of campaign fraud, immigration fraud, and other crimes.

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