I just want to vent. You can too

Do you know what makes me sick? You know what makes me so mad I just wanna find me 500 of those illegal immigrants and send them to Senator Harris’s house. See how she likes it.

Come on now people, these worn out undernourished medical science projects don’t even speak English. Most of them haven’t bathed in weeks and would not know what a real bed was if one fell on them knocking them to the ground. I’ve seen the shacks they lived in. These here concentration camps are the Ritz Carlton compared to what they are used to. And toothbrushes? Most of these illegals don’t even have teeth. What little they do have are about to fall out.

And to make matters even worse this unemployed Bar Maid Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is tweeting her butt off trying to compare these freeloading illegals to the brave men women and children that came to America through Ellis Island. My old man once told me to never take the advice from a bartender. He said if they knew what in the hell they were talking about they would not be tending bar for shit wages. Now that goes double for a Barmaid. Unless they own the joint chances are they are as stupid as old Bill sitting at the end of the bar. Now old Bill has brain damage from falling off his stool too many times. Poor guy is dumber than a box of bet nails.

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Keep AOC’s butt outta this.

Destruction of Constitutional America is intentional.

Don’t they have a maid or some (illegal) guy working for them - landscaping, etc?
I am sure she has plenty of illegal aliens working for her family.
Nothing like preaching to the freakin’ choir.

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