I don't want Biden impeached

He deserves it. He has committed treason. He deserves prison.
But I don’t want Kamala The Ugandan Giant to go down in history as the first female president.
Maybe a impeachment AFTER Trump kicks his ass and is legally made president. (Just as Nazi Pelosi tried to go for a second illegal impeachment of Trump, just to keep him from being able to run again.)
Right now, Jim Crow Joe is accomplishing something Republicans apparently do not have the moxie or intelligence to do: HE’S CAUSING MORE AND MORE PEOPLE TO VOTE REPUBLICAN.

Make him serve EVERY illegal day of that office possible. And be sure the Republican Congress stops him from doing anything else to hurt this country.

It Doesn’t matter, there all in a den of snakes and the whole freaking thing needs to be burnt to the ground.

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The presidency of the USA can’t be anymore tainted than it is already .

I truly believe the Biden administration will go down in history as the absolute worst EVER.

For me to favor his impeachment and removal from office would require the following:

  1. Republicans take back the House in 2022 and install a true conservative as Speaker.

  2. Republicans take back the Senate with a 61 to 39 majority.

  3. Republicans grow the balls to impeach the bastard, Joe Biden and convict him in the Senate. (or he dies in office)

  4. The Republicans immediately impeach the bitch, Kamala Harris and convict her in the Senate. (or she dies in office)

  5. The new Speaker of the House becomes our President and serves through 2024 when Donald Trump is elected and takes over for 4 more years.