How Trump Can Use The Impeachment Trial Against the Swamp!

If Trump and his followers are serious about addressing the election that just occurred then using the impeachment trial as a platform to address this is a golden opportunity.

This premise according to Cortes would do Trump supporters a solid and give them the platform to make their case.

Other developments that could be related is Kevin McCarthy flew down to Mar A Largo to meet with Trump. I hope Trump doesn’t acquiesce to anything McCarthy is selling. Trump is in a position of leverage over the GOP and I would be willing to wager that the topic of discussion will be about intent.

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Could be turned into a positive.

Optimists like Trump have this ability.

Just look at the gloom and negative attitude that Biden has unveiled in his first week in office. The media will be glued to Trump in February and he can make his case. I am not so sure the media will do so in a manner that is honest and beneficial.

No need for Trump supporters to do anything other than watch Biden implode and support 2022 Congressional candidates that can save our energy sector and economy.

Does it really matter Democrats can get away with voter fraud and murder (Seth rich)
This country is over

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