How Not To Create Threads And Respond To Mods

And when the wrong buttons get pushed don’t be surprised that there are consequences. I’ve seen many people get banned in an instant because their big heads got in the way.

Define a “wrong button”. That would be a great starting point.

When the moderator has reprimanded an OP for bait and switch and your comrade piles on with low blows. The mod gives him warning to back off cause he’s being instructive and fore mentioned comrade wants blood. That’s going too far.
That’s being pushy. (I’m not saying pushy in a Sean Connery accent btw).

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Now why should I read that article, because you said so? Feed me something to make it interesting.

And don’t BS me.

OK…I got my two cents in before this week ends.

Why wait? After all, as you said it’s an “absolutely shit-tier thread,” right?

While you are at it, there are a bunch more just as shitty strewn throughout the Forum. You would be doing everyone a huge favor to clean house while you are in the mood.

Like this one for instance:

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Why should you read that article on top?
No, don’t read if you don’t want to.

My original thread was titled, if I remember correctly,
“Connecting the dots, Mossad and Epstein”

Anybody with an IQ of 20 would know where I’m going with this.
If you are a denier, skip and go to another thread.
If you are incredulous, read my comment and the article to become convinced.
If you are a regular reader of my posts, by all means read the article. It’s well worth your time.

As simple as that.
I don’t believe in wordiness.
My (original) thread title says it all.

I was dragged into this by

Dr_Manhattan]( Member

“Another one of your anti Jewish conspiracy stories?”

Nice try! You have a history of interjecting your nonsense into threads with the purpose of derailing them! At least be honest about it and stop trying to play victim here!

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I have no intention of derailing anything.

I have a broader mind than most narrow-minded people; therefore my statements based on my broad-based thinking appear to be intentional “derailment.”

Too bad. It’s not my problem.

Yeah keep telling yourself that because denying it doesn’t make it any less truthful! Also I find it curiously interesting how you show up in the same threads as Magog and posting the same shit over and over again! In fact you are doing it now! Don’t kid yourself the moderators are on to your BS!

And again you have proven what a dickhead you are! The moderator just instructed you to clean up your posts and now you are challenging that? If you get canned that will be on you for not listening!

You might be right but the moderator was highly irate and critical about the “Remember the Liberty” comment you interjected and thought your battle cry was off topic. That’s all.
Take that as guide for future threads or rule of thumb.
Be careful Didgevillage cause there are those on this forum that are gunning for your removal just because of they’re rigid narrow and even close mindedness. They only like their freedom of speech. They don’t want to hear alternate sources of truths spoken, even if it’s 100% true. Only those approved by the Ministry of Truth, as Orwell referred to in his book “1984”.
If this forum stops criticizing some but not all then those who don’t like the truth will win. The freedom of speech is under attack.


Me and him get on however I have personally seen him deny reality and change the goalposts in a debate I think he does need to take a step back and re-evaluate his actions

Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of paranoid people here that claim things that are not true and then when corrected are unable to come off their high horse and accept reality

Oh please give me freaking break! It’s when the “Jooos did it” that gets interjected into almost every topic here is not only an attempt to derail topics, but it gets tiresome to hear the same posters not being able to talk about anything else! Just because someone’s name that ends with “stein” is not an excuse to start derailing threads with anti Jewish conspiracy theories. Want an example? Here try this on for size!

The whole point is, no one bothers them when they create their own threads on this very topic, they are free to discuss this topic as freely as they do! It is when they invade other threads with this nonsense I have a problem with! If I am interested in discussing this then I will visit their threads and for the most part I don’t care as you can tell I very rarely go to those threads! I don’t know why it’s so hard for enablers like you to see that point of view, instead trying to false equate to people like me in trying to silence them is just plain false. You surprise me with this as surely I thought you of all people would understand this! I Guess I might be wrong?

I deleted about a dozen yesterday and I am deleting more today.

The thread you bring up is interesting. For an absolute shit thread, it has 850+ posts. Is the thread a mess? Yep. Sure is. The community engagement for that thread is off the charts.

If you all hate those threads so much, why do you spend so much time posting in them?


Funny thing is your replies in this thread have been more clearly written and articulate than any of the threads you have started, for the most part.

You are being asked to articulate in the OP. You clearly are capable. Whether you like wordiness or not doesn’t matter to me. I provided you with OP creation guidelines and I expect them to be followed.

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I appreciate you backing me up and explaining what I’m trying to do. No need to call him a dickhead though.

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Yeah you are right, but just seems like frustration boiling over when this issue has been kindly expressed to him and another here in the past who simply won’t respect the rules or observe boundaries. I will try harder in not resorting to name calling!