How much did the wall cost

Well donnie allowed to give no bid contracts to trump and republican companies…those companies then added 500% to the no bid contracts BILLIONS AND BILLIONS MORE…it’s pretty unbelievable trump allowed these companies to increase the no bid contracts by 500%…contracts the taxpayer will have to pay for…

We need hearings and bring those companies in with financial paperwork to find where the money
went then audit trump and his families records what they got out of it…

Oh didn’t donnie say a thousand time Mexico would pay for it…They didn’t you the taxpayer will pay

How much has biden made in 1 year , how much has Hunter made . Biden is braindead !!!

  1. Repealing the Mexico City Policy, forcing taxpayers to subsidize abortions overseas.
  2. Reversing Trump Administration pro-life rules that prevented tax dollars from going to pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood.
  3. Canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, costing thousands of jobs.
  4. Canceling new oil and gas leases, limiting future energy supplies.
  5. Shutting down the 1776 Commission on patriotic education in our public schools.
  6. Rejoining the Paris Climate Accord.
  7. Rejoining the World Health Organization.
  8. Kowtowing to communist China by banning the phrase “China virus.”
  9. Creating a crisis at the southern border leading to a record number of illegal aliens entering the country.
  10. Stopping construction of the border wall at a cost of $6 million a day.
  11. Preventing most arrests and deportations of criminal illegal aliens.
  12. Ending Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” order for migrants seeking asylum in the U.S.
  13. Allowing border detention facilities to operate at 1,500% capacity during the pandemic.
  14. Preventing the media from seeing the horrific conditions at migrant border facilities.
  15. Ending Trump’s travel ban on nations known to be hotbeds of terrorism.
  16. Ordering the Census to include illegal aliens in congressional reapportionment.
  17. Repealing Trump’s public charge rule preventing immigrants from becoming a burden on public welfare services.
  18. Reinstating Obama’s catch and release program for illegal aliens crossing the border.
  19. Releasing illegal aliens into the country without COVID tests.
  20. Releasing illegal aliens into the country without court dates.
  21. Flying illegal aliens to the Canadian border for faster processing.
  22. Paying nearly $90 million to house migrants in hotels.
  23. Proposing a massive amnesty bill that does not require use of the E-Verify program.
  24. Allowing 900,000 deported aliens to return to America.
  25. Repealing Trump’s executive order limiting legal immigration during the pandemic.
  26. Proposing a COVID vaccination plan that prioritized illegal aliens.
  27. Reopening child detention facilities that Kamala Harris vowed to close.
  28. Allowing transgender individuals to serve in the military, including paying for sex change surgeries.
  29. Signing an executive order including “gender identity” in the enforcement of civil rights laws.
  30. Ordering the State Department to make LGBTQI issues a foreign policy priority and giving priority to LGBTQI refugees.
  31. Supporting the Equality Act, which would severely limit religious liberty.
  32. Creating a White House Office on Gender Policy.
  33. Redefining Title IX and eviscerating women’s sports, putting special interests above women’s rights.
  34. Dropping Justice Department support for young female athletes.
  35. Making climate change a top national security and foreign policy priority.
  36. Repealing Trump’s regulatory reforms that saved businesses and consumers at least $160 billion.
  37. Repealing Trump’s executive order to boost trade apprenticeship programs.
  38. Repealing the Trump rule requiring colleges to disclose funding they receive from communist China.
  39. Signing so many executive orders that even the New York Times told Biden to stop.
  40. Developing COVID passport IDs.
  41. Telling governors to reimpose mask mandates.
  42. Waiting longer than any president in the past 100 years to hold a formal press conference.
  43. Proposing a school reopening plan that was actually a huge step backwards (50% of schools opening one day a week).
  44. Allowing the teachers unions, not science, to dictate the CDC’s school reopening guidance.
  45. Pushing a $1.9 trillion “emergency” COVID relief bill with less than half of the funding going to COVID relief and a third ($600 billion) not spent until 2022 or later.
  46. Including reparations for black farmers in the COVID relief bill.
  47. Funding Planned Parenthood in the COVID relief bill.
  48. Claiming a vaccination goal of 100 million shots in the first 100 days, or one million shots a day. That was already happening before Biden took office.
  49. Sending stimulus checks to convicted criminals, including murderers in prison.
  50. Proposing a $2 trillion infrastructure bill that’s only 37% infrastructure.
  51. Proposing massive tax increases on employers that will cost 1 million jobs.
  52. Deliberately ignoring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for weeks.
  53. Lifting sanctions on the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, who have continued to attack civilians in Saudi Arabia.
  54. Negotiating with Iran when Iran plotted to assassinate a top U.S. general.
  55. Appeasing Iran by agreeing to unilaterally lift sanctions imposed on the regime for human rights abuses and terrorist activities.
  56. Sending taxpayer dollars to the Palestinian Authority in violation of the Taylor Force Act.
  57. Requiring all federal contractors to pay a $15/hr minimum wage.
  58. Equating popular voter ID laws to 1950s segregation and voter repression.
  59. Lying about Donald Trump sending children back across the border to starve.
  60. Excusing communist China’s human rights abuses as “cultural differences.”
  61. Lying about Georgia’s election reform law “ending early voting hours.”
  62. Calling for the MLB All-Star Game to be moved out of Georgia.
  63. Endorsing the decision to ban the national anthem at Dallas Mavericks’ games.
  64. Issuing gun control regulations by executive order.
  65. Lying about the so-called “gun show loophole.”
  66. Falsely claiming that gun manufacturers can’t be sued.
  67. Telling a CNN town hall that “we didn’t have [vaccines] when we came into office.”
  68. Suggesting that blacks and Hispanics aren’t getting COVID vaccines because they “don’t know how to get online.”
  69. Smearing veterans and retired police officers as white supremacists.
  70. Embracing the radical left’s theory of “systemic racism” and saying America has never lived up to its promise and values.
  71. Lying about wanting to unite the country while pushing extreme policies that are creating even more division.
  72. Canceling Dr. Seuss.
  73. Creating a commission to study packing the Supreme Court.
  74. Refusing to prosecute violent Antifa rioters.
  75. Claiming that Capitol Hill Police Officer Brian Sicknick was killed by “a riotous, violent mob on January 6, 2021.” There was never any evidence to support that.
  76. Delaying the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan to September 2021, giving Al Qaeda a huge propaganda victory on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.
  77. Attending the funeral of a Capitol Hill Police Officer, who was killed by a supporter of Louis Farrakhan, and then attending a meeting with supporters of Louis Farrakhan.
  78. Nominating Merrick Garland for Attorney General.
  79. Nominating Lloyd Austin to be Secretary of Defense.
  80. Nominating Antony Blinken to be Secretary of State.
  81. Nominating Xavier Becerra for Secretary of Health and Human Services.
  82. Nominating Alejandro Mayorkas to be Secretary of Homeland Security.
  83. Nominating Pete Buttigieg to be Secretary of Transportation.
  84. Nominating Jennifer Granholm to be Secretary of Energy.
  85. Nominating Deb Haaland to be Secretary of the Interior.
  86. Nominating Miguel Cardona to be Secretary of Education.
  87. Nominating Marty Walsh to be Secretary of Labor.
  88. Nominating Gina Raimondo to be Secretary of Commerce.
  89. Nominating Rachel Levine to be Assistant Secretary of HHS.
  90. Nominating Neera Tanden to be director of the Office of Management & Budget.
  91. Nominating Kristen Clarke to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.
  92. Nominating Vanita Gupta to be Associate Attorney General.
  93. Nominating Linda Thomas-Greenfield to be U.N. Ambassador.
  94. Nominating Avril Haines to be Director of National Intelligence.
  95. Nominating anti-gun activist David Chipman to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
  96. Nominating Colin Kahl to a critical Pentagon position.
  97. Appointing Jake Sullivan to be his National Security Adviser.
  98. Appointing Susan Rice to be his Chief Domestic Policy Adviser.
  99. Appointing John Kerry as his climate czar.
  100. Appointing Kamala Harris, who compared ICE agents to the KKK, as his border czar.

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