House to Vote Today (in stages) on Pandemic Relief Package

Pelosi is too vain to speak with her mask covering her lying lips.

Watch live proceedings, if you can stand it.

It is really amusing how the Democrat Party tries to justify creating a NINTH oversight committee.

Cloaked under the premise of being a bipartisan effort to oversee the funds being spent on COVID-10 mitigation, it is obviously a political tool for the Democrats to affect the 2020 election.

Just wait and see.

I have no doubt that the bill will pass when it comes to a House vote in the coming weeks. The Democrats have the majority. This new committee will be just about as bipartisan as the impeachment circus.


Edit: It appears the vote on the new unnecessary oversight committee will be today…starting around 1:30 PM EST :clock130:

I read that the Democrats included millions of dollars for their national mail-in ballot push and that Republicans just bent over and took it, as usual.

I just want to know if I’m getting any of this $484 billion, if I am, then I support it. If not, burn it all down.

PS: Everyone who supports bailing out private companies is a literal socialist.

No, that’s the next one. This one is for small businesses. There are a couple they’re considering. There’s the $2000 a month for 6-12 months, and another that’s a $2000 debit card, then $1000 gets loaded onto it a month.

Don’t expect to get one though. Pretty sure this money is just getting handed out to the welfare class.

The bill would require governments and private businesses that have fewer than 500 employees to provide up to two weeks of paid sick leave - paid at the employee’s regular rate,

Employees would be paid at two-thirds of their regular pay if they have to care for a sick family member, or if they need to care for a child whose school or day-care provider has closed. Workers could take another 10 weeks off, if needed, at two-thirds pay under the legislation.

The bill would cover all costs for states that extend unemployment payments for six months beyond the usual time limit

It also would encourage employers to avoid layoffs by reducing employees’ hours instead. Affected employees would get unemployment benefits to offset lost wages.

The bill would suspend work requirements for the “food stamp” program that helps low-income people buy groceries. That would override a new Trump administration restriction, due to kick in on April 1, that would have cut off benefits for 700,000 childless, able-bodied adults who are not working.

The bill would provide free coronavirus testing for those who need it.

Yes the dems bent the GOP over yet again.

What does that even mean? Based upon all of the hype and fear mongering one would assume that everyone needs a damn test before these lunatic governors will lift the lockdown orders.

Does seem that way doesn’t it.

When you put into perspective, you take th test while waiting the results you visit with a friend. The test comes back negative and your car however the friend has corona and your exposed.

How does testing everyone make any sense?