Honest Journalism VS. A lying Democrat

This is a must see video. Here we have a Democratic Rep Jim Himes from Connecticut lying through his teeth about Trump and the Russian Collusion investigation. Normally I wouldn’t post this here, however its interesting to watch how Democrats continue to double down on this false Russian collusion narrative. How do these people get elected when they tell such bold face lies to the American public?

Take note as this is as much a study on human behavior and what a person looks like when they are not telling the truth!


They get elected because they repeat what their electorate wants to hear and believe.

You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts .

This is exactly what we see here. His opinion and no facts.

What’s ironic is that DEMs make exactly the same argument. They honestly believe their talking points to be fact.

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On has to ask, are they that uninformed???
Clearly this guy has read nothing but talking points provided to him by his staff and he assumes it’s the truth.