Holy shit poor white ppl you just got really fcuked! “Racial equity”

We have racial equity now lol what does that mean. Blacks will be boosted because of their physical characteristics.

That means all you whites in poor areas get on the back of the bus!

Work hard doesn’t matter your white … wtf lol

contact all red states cuz thats where the poor whites/blacks live retrumpliCON states
those are the right to work states and wages are bad…

all you post is your phony ideas…and again another post thats full of BS
these laws are to bring the poor up some to be able to live and thats both
white/ black citizens that have been stuck in jobs with unlivable wages
by corporations that control everything…

The taxpayers are tired of in essence subsidizing these corporations because they don’t pay wages that are fair or livable and are far under the level of this economy…so people can live we have to create welfare etc.etc. etc. when these corporations refuse to pay what they should…

What’s good is the EO was just a bunch of words… no law… no changes just blowing wind up poc asses

Did anyone watch Susan Rice today stoke the firers of racism.She says its unfair for whites to have more money than blacks ,Asians etc and its their fault. Next there will be a payroll deduction from whites to help close the gap. This is all white peoples fault.
This is same BITCH that spread the false story about the video that was responsible for Benghazi.

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Yea her rich ass is really struggling

Welcome to the generation of participation awards.

If I invest $100.00 and someone else spends it on a pair of sneakers, why is it my fault that I walked around in a pair of threadbare sneakers until my $100.00 paid enough dividends to buy a new pair?

I still have the $100.00 to continue growing.

Its always unfair to create independent people because the Commiecrats won’t have a voter base to depend on their handouts.
Where would AOC be without her dependent voter children in NYC. Being dependent on white taxpayers money was preferable to $15 an hour Amazon jobs. WTF white people want us to work???

Imagine a white guy getting his life together, every job he tries to get he works hard for and is told no because he’s white… back to the drugs

Democrats continue to spread poverty but blame corporations. They create and drive a need for assistance and nurture it then proclaim it’s the man’s fault. No, anyone who isn’t an idiot knows the truth.

Create poverty and dependence and that equals votes. Reason why it is all in major cities. Rats huddling together as most rural areas have and can take care of themselves.

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