Holy Sh*te I just Witnessed a Murder! Call 911!

This is how you dismantle a false narrative in less than Two Minutes. Brandon Straka shows how by using facts and it can be effective when properly executed! In this latest dismantling of fake leftist narratives, Brandon Straka exposes the fraudulent group known as “Black Lives Matter” and its glorious to watch!

Campaign ad!


All she had was a narrative to push. It was all about her. I’m sure she wants people to believe she represents all black people and their stories.

He completely smacked her down. How can someone even begin to refute the facts presented.

They can’t and that was the whole point! When facts are allowed to be presented in any debate, “they” as in the ones who push these false narratives lose all the time.

He’s good. :us: :us:

This is what I am talking about, and probably why most lefty’s here are afraid to debate, because they know they would get destroyed!

This is a perfect demonstration of a useful idiot.

Not sure I get ya, what do you mean?