Hollywood Hypocrites! Georgia's "fetal Heartbeat bill" has passed and Hollywood is Crying Foul!

What Georgia does is Georgia’s business.

What Milano did was to bring the values of the state she resides in and speak as though her agenda and voice matters more than the people of the state of Georgia.

That would be akin to me butting my nose into my neighbors business, telling them how to keep their house because they are not doing it to my standards.

They have every right to tell me to shut the hell up and to get off of their property. Only a moron would turn that into a suppressing freedom of speech issue.

She was out of line and deserves every criticism for her arrogance.


I’m not sure they’re even the values of her state, although I am sure if you asked her, she’d be more than happy to tell you she was speaking for all New Yorkers. Just like her pal, Hillary, from Arkansas.

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You’re right about that wiley. I stand corrected.

Oh yeah, we could do an entire thread about how the left shuts down free speech they don’t like.


The left tries to shutdown conservative sources before they speak.

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I can’t imagine being hard up enough or drunk enough to have sex with Whoopie even at her peak.

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Be sure to use Kyleena when you and your strawman get it on.

You should try that yourself and quit attributing things to people they never said.

Quit lying, nobody said any such thing.