Hollywood Hypocrites! Georgia's "fetal Heartbeat bill" has passed and Hollywood is Crying Foul!

I’m a woman and this thread isn’t about the Electoral College. It’s about conservatives wanting to silence progressive voices. It’s about the hatred of the 1st Amendment and the hatred of American values.

The pro life movie Unplanned did not get a single ad on TV. None of the cast were invited on to the talk shows. Twitter banned their account and then reversed course due to the outcry.

The mainstream media has all but ignored the film, even after finishing in the top 5 last weekend. And leftists are the ones complaining about being oppressed. Spare me.


The left need to take a look in the mirror. Point out who in this thread said what you claim.

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Despite the generic and vague title of this thread, it is very much about Alyssa Milano and her support of Women’s Rights in Georgia. It has nothing to do with actors in Hollywood who are conservative. Your post doesn’t even make sense. Stay on topic. This is about conservatives wanting to shut down the speech of a progressive woman because they don’t like what she has to say.

Uh huh. Weren’t you just talking about the Constitution? Personally, I don’t give a fuck what you “identify” as, since you’re nothing more than a moniker on a screen to me. But hey don’t let me stop you from being a huge hypocrite. You excel at it.

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Typical - personal attacks.

Here is what @Dr_Manhattan says in his OP:

Sounds to me like @Dr_Manhattan and the rest of the conservatives in this thread have a real problem with freedom of speech and expression when it’s related to an issue they disagree with.

Talk about hypocrisy!

You seem confused as well as illiterate. Noone is attacking her “freedom of speech.” Let her speak. You know the old saying, better to keep silent and have people think you an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Still trying to figure out why you can’t win elections, sweetheart?

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Just as the Hollywood Communist Sleazebag Elites have a right to free speech, we have a right to criticize them and a right to choose where we spend our money.

Additionally, Hollywood Elites have a right to stay out of Georgia and its politics. This is one I wish they would exercise faithfully. We do not need their input…or their overrated movies.

Actors are simply those who have a talent for pretending to be someone else.


I’m not sure I would use the word talent to describe Milano. She’s not even really a has been. More like a never was. Her big movie career began and ended with softcore porn so I wouldn’t exactly call her an actress either. And yeah, she was on TV, sure. So was Tori Spelling. Probably why she’s an “activist” in Georgia in the first place. If she were any good she’d be busy acting instead of “being an activist.” But hey, everyone should listen to her. :laughing:

To the left–and Hollywood is almost uniformly just that–an unborn child (or “fetus”) is merely a part of the pregnant woman’s body, and not a separate entity unto itself. Therefore–if one accepts this premise–the potential mother may do anything with “her own body” that she wishes.

Of course, I do not accept the premise…

Horse shit, it’s about the ridiculous theater of “I’m more progressive than you” and fat mouthed actors thinking they can fly literally to the other side of the country and blackmail an entire state.


I’ve actually seen some ads running for the movie on Foxx. This isn’t even a conversation the other networks want to allow to be had.

Apparently it’s only “Free Speech” if they are allowed to speak and all criticism is silenced.


Well that’s a surprise. I heard even the Hallmark channel would not air the ads, which really disappointed me.

I’m not changing the subject. The fact is actors are 90% liberal (at least those who identify their political leanings). As others have pointed out, Alyssa is a D list actress only getting attention now because she’s a pro abort leftist.

No one in this thread is trying to shut down their free speech, but Hollywood makes it plain conservative thought is not welcome.

Meanwhile Alyssa and a bunch of other left wing loons are trying to dictate what the state of Georgia should do about their abortion laws, and promise to boycott if they dont fall into line.

Yet you rant about hypocrisy. Take a look in your own back yard.


Exactly. They approve of free speech as long as its speech they agree with. Otherwise its “hate.”
Actors who dont even live in Georgia are trying to dictate abortion laws.

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False equivalency much? I guess reading comprehension and being intellectually honest are not your strong suits!


Coming from someone who usually can’t practice what they preach this is rich!

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Tell that to the “view” and Whoopi Goldberg she is proud she had 7 abortions !! Farm animals indeed ! :roll_eyes:

…and it’s not just Hollywood. UCBerkeley (supposedly the birthplace of free speech) stifles conservative speech.

California is a shithole!