Hollywood Hypocrites! Georgia's "fetal Heartbeat bill" has passed and Hollywood is Crying Foul!

In case you have been living under rock for the past few days, news of Georgia’s law “fetal heartbeat” bill has just passed but has not been signed into law yet. The Hollywood elite of course are up in arms about this law and making it an issue as they are trying to influence by creating pressure to kill the prospects of it becoming law by making demands and gathering signatures. Most of the film industry that has made films in the state of Georgia have benefited tremendously from really sweetheart incentives from the state as well having invested heavily in it, so in other words there is not much they will be able to do once the law is officially signed by the Governor. I would surmise it would be silly to think they would be willing to risk losing potentially billions of dollars of their own money for standing on their pro choice principles. The point is Georgians have the right to decide what they want as law not the Hollywood perverts who moved to the peach state to work, who in essence think they are more powerful than everyone else when it comes to passage of laws and thus they trump the common voter.

In this video below you can watch none other than Alyssa Milano’s arrogance on display.

From another angle and clearer audio

The second is an article that I would like to bring to your attention to read as it makes some very salient points about this particular issue regarding Hollywood and in particular the state of Georgia and the film industry that is there.


Another mindless actress. If she loved God she would know that he would not want any type of abortion. Each pregnancy is a blessing.

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Libs will still screech… “HATER” as they pierce the brain of the unborn. And libs will nod their heads, having completely redefined good and evil. They will fall back on the many options of their narrative.

  • its not alive.
  • caring means killing
  • conservatives let those born suffer
  • the woman (translate: voter) owns her own body.
  • old white men deciding what a woman should do.

Yada yada yada… while they push the needle further into the soft scull of the child.

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I think the beautiful irony when speaking about Hollywood in such a light is the film “Unplanned” which is beating out a lot of their garbage films at the box office right now such as "Captain Marvel!


It was a good thing that the governor didn’t cave. He showed backbone and resolve. He said that he didn’t care about Hollywood throwing a big old hissy fit. His obligations are to the citizens of Georgia.

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I can’t wait for the day when Alyssa Milano gets caught up in some kind of scandal that sends her into the poor house. She’s so unhinged that it’s only a matter of time. Imagine what life will be like for her when she has to live amongst the rest of us.

Why would anyone wish to murder one of thee, IF NOT THEE, most innocent & helpless of creatures? I forgot, for convenience. Some swamp sow roams around playing wad bucket, and then cries the blues if she gets pregnant. Go figure that one. I love some of the birth control commercials; but at least they create public awareness. It amazes me how women ( and men ) can afford booze, cigarettes, ■■■■■■■■ cars, expensive clothing, etc.; but can’t scrape up the money for birth control. Just a mystery.

I do love commercials like this one. Ladies, when your out for a night on the town, and you expect to be catching some serious loads, be prepared with Kyleea. [

Kyleena TV Commercial, ‘Forget About Remembering’ - iSpot.tv


He didn’t have to. Georgia is very tax-friendly to the entertainment industry. Saving money always trumps some old hag flapping her pie hole.

I came here to see if there was any discussion of this movie. I was thrilled to hear it finished # 4 at the Box office last weekend. This happened despite the fact the actors are, for the most part unknown, absolutely no advertising (even Hallmark rejected their ad I heard), no reviews in the mainstream press, and no cast members promoting it on the TV talk shows.

This proves that people DO want to see these movies, even though Hollywood and most of the media shun them. Abby Johnson is a brave and courageous woman doing so much for the pro life community.

As far as Hollywood goes, we know it’s probably 90% liberal. There are very, very few actors who will admit to being conservative, and especially socially conservative. No one would pay attention to Alyssa Milano if she wasn’t such a big pro abort and leftist activist.

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She hasn’t been relevant in 2 decades, this is her way of putting herself out there for work.

Yes add in the fact that Twitter has also suspended their account and Google search engine has basically manipulated search results as well. Glad to see it on Rotten Tomatoes, however the reviews on that site are pretty indicative of the partisan BS.

Absolutely agree! Milano is a perfect representation of the arrogance of the industry as a whole when it comes to dumping down on everyday people and their beliefs.

Such as what Prostitutes do! Its in their nature!

“Political Whore” is generally the phrase I use.

This is all about the battle in Hollywood today for who can be the most politically correct.

Yes, I had forgotten about Twitter banning and then unbanning their account.

What’s so exciting about this is since twitter reinstated the movie’s account, they now have more followers than Planned Butcherhood. So that’s great news.


So only conservatives are allowed to have opinions and only conservatives have the right to express those opinions publicly. Great! Thanks for being so open and honest about your hatred of America and the Constitution!

She wasn’t all that even when she was “out there.” She also seems like another pretty typical out of touch Hollywood moonbat.

Yes that’s true. Very few actors are willing to go against the script, except for the older ones whose careers are largely over. James Woods, Tom Selkeck, Jon Voight and Clint Eastwood along with a few somewhat younger ones like Patricia Heaton, Dean Cain and Stephen Badlwin, but none of the latter group are A list celebrities by any means.

I was thinking Thanksgiving dinner must be interesting for the Baldwin family. Alec is a looney leftist.

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Says the guy who openly admits wanting to do away with the electoral college because his party can’t win elections playing by the rules. Spare us.

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Who said that? Actually it’s the opposite in Hollywood. As I just said, about the only actors who will admit to not being liberal are at the stage where it eont hurt as their careers are near the end. Can you name a single A list celebrity who is openly conservative or libertarian?
The smart ones are people like Tom Hanks who keep their views private rather than alienate half of their audience.