HOE Kamala Harris recent approval ratings

Wow spread your legs wide open Kamal Harris is lower than Pervert Joe Biden in approval polls The only recent Harris to have similarly poor ratings after six months was Mike Pence, but he was not “underwater”. Harris is at 29 % now Pence was a usless a VP as Harris but he is WHITE
According to Gallup 42.1 per cent approved of Mr Pence’s performance at that point, and 41.9 percent disapproved.
The difference between Harris’s and Pence’s approval ratings in these polls is just statistically significant, Basically, Harris is 29 points “underwater,” depending upon which poll you use, while Pence was effectively even. It’s also quite possible Harris’s numbers are really worst than any VP in history.
You can cherry-pick polls all you want if your aim is to play this game. The Telegraph highlighted two polls showing Harris’s disapproval rating higher than her favorable rating (which is in keeping with most polls), and one that showed Pence in positive territory by the slimmest of margins. But what about other Countries approval or disapproval of Harris. Mexico and Canada Hate her 22 % approve . China dose not even know here and Russia PORN industry and Vladimir Putin give her 20 points for her fat ass pics nude in the Kremlin Russia solders see her nude pics and it reminds them Hillary running through their barracks when she as on Drugs . The dogs in the barracks popping on her pics , so why did you vote for her to be POTUS in 2020 , We know ya did not vote for Pervert Joe Biden Was not POTUS Trump and Melania great last night at the World Series $500,000 box in Atlanta

Your OBSESSED dude…
And, after years of claiming that polls are fake and always wrong, you suddenly see relevance in them….:roll_eyes:

Here’s what matters. Biden is president and Trump is pining away at Marlago….:joy::joy::joy:

Worst administrative in world history


The absolute worst president in history with Obama a close second !!! :clown_face: :poop: :clown_face: