Hillary announces 2020 Presidential Run


Really? This is all you got?

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This isn’t the place to link build. If you want to contribute as a member of this community, cool. If you are just going to spam shitty links gtfo.


This is utter clickbait nonsense. People don’t make good money off ads anymore. Just stop.


(Replying to the OP…not the post above! :smile:)

Bullshit! This would be all over the news if it were true.

Here’s a link to a Youtube video made by a stupid little fuckhead (such as you appear to be) in November. It had a whopping 238 views. :rofl:

Crawl back under your rock, doofus!

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Nothing but drivel and fake news on that site. The website is also claiming that Manafort died in prison and that Trump mocked the death.


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