Haunting messages received by mother of woman thought to be among 39 killed in Essex lorry tragedy

For anyone here who’s the parent of a daughter, imagine getting the following message from her:

"In a series of short messages, she says:

"I’m sorry mum.

"My path abroad hasn’t succeeded.

"Mum, I love you so much! I’m dying because I can’t breath.

"I’m from Nghen, Can Loc, Ha Tinh. Vietnam.

“I am sorry, Mum.”

I’m a cynical ol’ bugger from all my years in Fleet Street, but reading that actually brought a tear to my eye.

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I think you need to establish a new category such as “paranormal”. As this doesn’t exactly fit under world news Nor conspiracy.

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Europe? It’s a European story. We’re not out of ‘Europe’ yet! :laughing:

This is being classified as world news and politics! I am not sure this qualifies as such! This is a story that is associated with the paranormal which is a more appropriate category.

The word ‘haunting’ has nothing to do with the paranormal, it’s meant to convey pathos.

(and 5 minutes ago I complimented him for being smart!! :roll_eyes: )

We are not talking about the word haunting, we are talking about the content of the story to which it is categorised as such! Try to keep up! :rofl:

Definition of paranormal

: not scientifically explainable : SUPERNATURAL

Oh and BTW, just so I am clear, I am in no way trying to criticise you for this, my suggestion is more Directed to this sites creators to include such as category to include more of these types of stories! I actually find such stories interesting which is why I read it.

39 Criminals died whilst committing a crime should be the headline

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FFS did you actually read past the headline into the story? If so, aren’t you making a mountain out of a molehill?

My bad! Apologies ! You are right!

What, you mean you want a dedicated categorization for all the genres of every story in news broadcasts? Bad idea, it would make the 'board unmanageable.

No hay de que - I’ve done it myself before.

No that is not what I am saying!

First of all, I got this mixed up with another story that somehow my browser went to, instead of pulling this one up so apologies for that fuck up on my part!

But as far as having a separate category for stories about paranormal I think would be cool!

I think there should be a Humour forum section too. I know some good jokes, and have had many funny experiences which I could always make funnier, given the opportunity.

There is a comedy thread already for this

Why does this story bring a tear to your eyes??? You are the same guy that wants to sterilised people for having to many children but are upset when 39 people failed in thier attempt to sneak into the country and it ended badly from them. Do you see the inconsistency in you thinking do you understand that you have been manipulate into think this way by the media with the way they portray the story

Are you aware that you’re displaying double think?? Native couple has too many children equals bad foreigners illegally enter the UK equals good

Since my last post new information has emerged the woman in the above story apparently paid £30,000 to illegally enter the UK the national average wage in her country is £1,400 a year the average wage in the capital city is £4,270 per year so not only was she wealthy in her home country and therefore had a decent living standard and had no need to become a criminal/illegal immigrant. She decided to sneak into the UK and to not pay taxes and undercut local workers (allowing illegal immigrants to monopolize whole lines of work in her case probably working in a nail salon) and to send money home to help support her family (which is directly taking money out of the UK economy) and to probably get fake paperwork so she can use the NHS without paying anything into it people like her are scum and not victims

This is how the newspapers should be writing about cases like this instead they are manipulating people into feeling sorry for illegal immigrants

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The girl died in a shipping container and sent the message before she died. Nothing paranormal about it and human trafficking is definitely a worldwide problem.

I understand that! I already acknowledged the mistake if you’ve read the rest of the thread.

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My bad. I hadn’t gotten that far yet.

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More to your point though, yes human trafficking is a real tragedy in the greater perspective of humanity! Which is why I am usually vocal about anybody who supports the CHICOMS for the sake of profit! I am a actively boycotting anything made in China!

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