Harvard Law Prof Calls for Ban on Homeschooling, Saying It's 'Dangerous' to Leave Children with Their Parents 24/7

The article by Erin O’Donnell, headlined “The Risks of Homeschooling,” sets up one straw man after another to make the case that the government must step in to protect children from their own parents—who are presumed guilty and ill-qualified to care for their own children.

I got something for this Marxist cksucker!


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Nothing like homeschooling your kids using the Common Core curriculum. :rofl:

Fk that. I am so sick of these Marxist professors talking shit about how we should raise our children. This guy needs a good punch in the mouth!

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I wonder how many parents aren’t bothering to home school.

There’s going to be a big gap when classes start up again.

From the looks of my neighborhood I think parents are doing a pretty good job. I never see any kids outside during what would normally be considered school hours. The private schools here in the Hudson Valley of New York, to their credit, have done a pretty good job of moving the classroom online very quickly. Teachers have been doing online classes, assigning homework, and using some pretty creative ways to test the kids on their knowledge and learning. Our kids have been really enjoying this because there are fewer distractions when they are in their bedrooms working on stuff. They miss their friends of course but they want everyone to be safe. I know New York State has canceled the Regents Exam for the year which is good because these standardized tests do absolutely jack shit for the kids. We’ve also been spending more time reviewing homework and doing our own lessons that we have talked to the teachers about. I don’t have all the details on what the public schools are doing but I imagine they have to be doing something because the kids all are staying inside during the day.

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That’s very encouraging to hear. :+1:

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The problem is the re-education camps called schools and universities they brainwash our young students with radical commie ideas and in order to graduate one must regurgitate their endless minutiae . Sickening !

These kids will do more learning at home with Ma and Pa then they will ever do in the classroom…as long as Ma and Pa were useful and hard working to begin with

Yet again another LEFTIST wanting governments control
over " educating" the children.All government’s thrive on contol and limit independence.
These parents can actually have their children learn what actually happened in History rather than programmed to know dates etc without Liberal Revisionists interference.
The parents won’t have the need to go to the school about them being bullied and getting nothing but LIBERAL PC BS.