Greta Thunberg Begs For Help After Traveling Halfway Around The World 'The Wrong Way'

Probably a good idea since it’s gone far off the rails and is now far removed from the OP’s intentions, regardless of what they were.

Thanks in advance.

So, what you are saying is you are sick of posting in the bubble that is TPM? You’d like alternate views outside of that bubble. A bubble that runs off views that are conservative?

Yet you came here like gangbusters and realized that… Hmm. Your perceptions didn’t quite fit with your reality?

When I came here, to make a long story short, my trust level amongst these folks was garbage. And rightly so. I’ve learned about a lot they’ve been through and it is an eye opener. For all I know my trust level still is garbage and that is okay with me because I actually get it.

What I do is just be me. If you are going to be ridiculous and some here are (what board does not have that?) simply ignore and engage in the topic at hand. Respectfully.

Perhaps I am being naive and believe too much in the good side of people.

You started out here on a very, very bad foot.


In other words, you encourage free speech, you don’t suppress it, even if personally repugnant.

A lot of this would be hidden from the general community on other forums.

Kudos to you, @Tyfoon and @Patriot as well as the other folks on this board for what you do.


Thanks for posting this Chillchet! I am diving into this now as I find all of this info very useful!

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You’ll use it as your roadmap before trolling another website correct?

You are accusing me of the very thing you are guilty of! Yeah, project much?

Just want to do my part to get this thread back on track.



At least Greta Thundertits seems to understand on some level that she’s a retarded high school dropout who has nothing really important to say. That’s better than most THOTs her age.

Damn - I missed all the fun. Why is @Publishermike still lurking here? He’s here right now. Looking for more trouble? Shall I prepare for invasion?


Might be a good idea for him to fuck off back to his board and not come back.


Good to see you again, you have been missed here!


Operation Overlord would be an appropriate code name


Providing and protecting a site dedicated to true free speech does not include promoting everything that is allowed to be posted.

You are either sick, stupid or both.


They can’t help themselves. They have to control what others say because they are little tyrants and their ideas don’t hold up to public scruitny. It’s why they hide behind a paywall and panic when someone of an opposing view decides to pay money for access to share content they disagree with. They immediately censor and ban that person and keep their money, which is fraudulent.


It also means the difference between publisher and platform.

Platform : a company or technology that enables communication and distribution of information. … Publisher : a company or person that curates, edits, censors, and distributes content. You can think of all the news and media outlets out there as prime examples. A publisher is legally responsible for the posted content and the source. A platform is not.

They are a publisher and we are a platform.


Please don’t. @Patriot is off this weekend doing Veterans Day activities with his family and friends. He will be back tomorrow. I have the ball this weekend and would appreciate avoiding any further drama.

Everyone here knows how he is, expect the reaction to be swift and transparent.


I vote for merciless and ruthless

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Agreed. They both felt comfortable coming here and making threats. If I went to a website and did that I would expect some serious retribution.

Sorry but one has to log in to see that. I have no intention of logging in to that shit site.


Looks like they put EVERYTHING behind a paywall now :rofl: before there were a bunch of threads that were public. The definition of a safe space. Glad they live up to the stereotype.