Google is Working With the Enemy!

Some of us already know this to be true, now getting it out in the open under congressional testimony is long overdue and it needs to be addressed. Can this be the catalyst for lawmakers to break up Big Tech’s monopoly on Information and Free speech? Along the premise of National security, Google should warrant a full vetting and be in the crosshairs to take corrective action. Google has been for the most part interfering with our elections by controlling search results and subverting our National Security Interests by working with China!

Good interview with Larry Ellison gives a more broader insight about this issue.

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Google is just the brand. Again who is behind the brand Doc ?

The “old say’in” has always been follow the money. Now it’s follow the money and the globalist.

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Its an American company! Did you watch the videos? Talk about the premise being presented especially by our own Military leaders. Its not just a brand!

With things getting weirder by the day at Google, I’m looking to exit the Google sphere. If you are interested, here are the replacement services I have found that meet my standards for privacy and security. It can be a long process, but it can also be exciting, like moving to a new city. Finding a new dentist can be a drag, but learning about new places and people can be nice.

Email: ProtonMail

Everything online starts from an email address. This has to be first. Proton Mail is secure and encrypted.

Browser: Brave

Chrome is spying on you and Firefox is their lame little brother, trying to be political as well.

Search Engine: DuckDuckGo

This is critical to privacy online. Google’s whole business is built on monitoring your searches. It has plugins for Opera and mobile as well. They don’t track you and offer a great newsletter for privacy and security online.

Cloud Storage:

This service allows for storing files online with larger paid models available. All files are encrypted on the client side and they can never see your files. It also stores photos from your phone with their mobile app. It’s all encrypted and private. They have free and paid plans.

YouTube and video services:

VPN: A virtual private network creates a private tunnel connection tahteven your ISP can’t read entirely. People use them for work, but many use them at home for privacy. Your connection goes to a server that you pay for, before going to where you want. Think of it as “switching cars in a parking garage” when being pursued by a helicopter. This one is recommended and private. Choose one you trust, since they can see all of your traffic. Virtual Shield does not retain your records, so they cannot provide this information, even if asked or compelled.

Turn off tracking in various OSes:




Windows 10: Windows

Windows 7:


Thanks all and may God bless you.

With the push into AI by the military, everyone is enamored of TensorFlow and supposed “deep learning”. This tech was, of course, sourced originally from Google.

Google simply has so much research money that they dominate many fields, and academia is chasing them.

Yes of course I watched and again who controls google ? It might be an American company but the people behind obviously don’t give a shit about that fact. Perhaps Sen.Hawley should be asking Larry and Sergei a few questions.

I think you are missing the point! Obviously they don’t give a shit, but an American company that is subverting our national security by refusing to help our dept of defense and aids our enemy’s military, then there is a real problem. You tell me how it isn’t and I will call BS. Especially when they are actively working to silence conservative voices, free speech and assisting the Democratic causes to rigg a democratic election.

Thank for this Claire! This is extremely helpful, and more like you need to do similar things to help people start protecting themselves from those evil companies and its getting worse by the day. Glad people like are taking action! Kudos! As the saying goes talk is cheap, so this is refreshing and thanks for your contribution. This is the new war and it needs to be fought with a different mind set on all fronts! Definitely will be looking at your references!

Doc you are missing the point,…I AGREE so you have to start looking at who is controlling google, dare I say it ?