Global 5G WIFI Will BLANKET The Earth in A MOSAIC of “CELLS” - What You NEED To Know! With Max Igan!


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5G technology gets overwhelmingly opposed in more than 200 cities


Bluetooth Radiation – Let’s be clear on the dangers

  • Class 1 devices are 40 times more powerful than Class 2 devices. 100 mW (milliwatt) as opposed to 2.5 mW (milliwatt).
  • When you use a Bluetooth earpiece device you’re exposing yourself to an additional source of radiation.


This doesn’t solve my problem! You are fear mongering! Lol! :sob::sob::sob:


Hey, I got some bluetooth earbuds for my birthday too. I’m preferring the wired head set. Better safe than sorry.


Yeah, well I would prefer that too, but I don’t have that option with my new I-Pad. I am starting to sour greatly on Apple products because of this.


The good news is … the earlier iPad Pro has a 3.5mm jack for the use of traditional headphones. My SO has one, I bought it when her Galaxy Tab ground to a halt under the weight of ‘software improvements’. The ‘Pro’ has a reasonable level of horsepower so even though it is now about 4-years behind the curve it is eminently usable.

As for ear-pods … if they are class-3 you should be fine. Yes Bluetooth uses microwave cooker frequencies but 1mW, if you absorbed all of it in a tiny area, is the same as the irradiation you get from direct sunlight; so in practise probably less than sunlight. However it appears that class-3 products are impossible to find so… it really depends upon what Apple are using for their earPods.

Experiments upon mice:
For 2G cell-phone frequencies mice should not show too much discomfort provided that they have no tails. The typical mouse is much shorter than a half-wavelength at 900MHz. At 1800MHz (3G and LTE frequencies) they are becoming comparable. So put a mouse with a long tail into a chamber with 1.8GHz and the mouse-length is about a half-wavelength, I expect the mouse would suffer excruciating pain in its tail, or maybe where the tail joins to its body, if the radiated power is significant … and by that I mean one-Watt or more. It might take a few minutes for the mouse to become distressed.


Yeah well like I stated, all of my stuff is relatively new. My I-pad was given to me as a gift shortly after the new release became available back in November of 2018, and my Ear-Pods are brand new, got those in January as as a gift. The good news I didn’t pay for them, the bad news I have no alternatives as I need a good set of headphones to do my recordings and sort of impossible to do with the new I-pads. I mostly use my I-pad for music composition and arrangements as I produce music with Midi software with loops and sound effects. The New I-pad is pretty awesome in terms of its capabilities but it sucks I have to use blue tooth!


To be added to your list… and as I was trying to explain to a spear-fisherman…

Some 5G frequencies are high enough to penetrate body cavities such as the nose and ears. Will we ‘see’ people losing their sense of smell?

The ears… Look inside your microwave cooker, there is a permeable membrane over the aperture which emits the radiation. Now (figuratively) look down the ear canal, the ear drum is a membrane which will either absorb the incoming power resulting in damage to the ear drum, or it will transmit the power resulting in damage to the next obstacle. Will we see a rise in tinnitus suffering, loss of balance, deafness…?

The must-have argument is already rolling out. “Driverless cars cannot work without 5G” I have read in some article. That is complete bollocks, although an improved system response may well be required for certain types of car herd control.



Can’t you use a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter with iPad? They have one for iPhone.


I don’t know. But I will definitely check that out. There is only one imput which is the power recharger and that is it!




Duh! How stupid of me!


I don’t understand. Why do we need 5G anyway? How much faster they need to make these damn phones? I don’t think it’s worth having all of these cell phone towers everywhere. I’ve read they haven’t even studied the risk of putting all these towers up yet. I have also read the kids get cancer from existing cell phone towers that aren’t even 5G. This is just stupid. Good thing for me I live in the middle of nowhere in West Virginia. We will be the last people on earth to get 5G.


5G… more EMF in the air.


I thought I would share this here. A few years ago when living in Singapore, I was walking outside my apartment and experienced a weird electrical shock! It was almost paralyzing and lasted for about 5 to 10 seconds. In Singapore it usually rains every day, and is a wet climate, comparable to living in Florida, but hotter. Anyway, what I experienced was a droplet of water hitting the back of my neck that initially gave me the shock. I was locking up in the sky with alarm to see what would have caused this and while the skies where a little overcast, there was no rain. I never forgot about this, but I also never really figured out what may have been the source of that shock and never gave it a second thought until now contemplating this issue a little further. Singapore more than any place on the planet has some very thick pipes for wireless internet, especially for 4G and is very fast. So now I am beginning to wonder if that in some way might be related or connected?


I bought the album in 1976. Timeless.


I loved it when we lived in Singapore…