Global 5G WIFI Will BLANKET The Earth in A MOSAIC of “CELLS” - What You NEED To Know! With Max Igan!


Funny… you made a post that suggests PhDs are full of shit. Maybe if you re-read my post about my PhD friend you will see why I laugh…


BTW…I am more of an expert on the hazards of non-ionizing radiation than anyone you will likely meet on line or off. As far as expertise in surveillance goes… maybe that too. As far as knowledge of nefarious parties wanting to spy on you… you folks have the PhDs in that topic…


I bet when you talk on your cellphone you stick it right on your ear. No? Why not? What are you afraid of? Cancer maybe? Tell me it’s safe. Tell us that.


Well aside from the fact that I helped fund and then write algorithms that are used to produce pictures like the ones you posted …

What does that have to do with 5G?

I’m pretty sure that if I made any reference to the existing frequency bands it was only to say that they would penetrate more than 5G millimeter waves.

Although… maybe I said more. Feel free to check.

I typically have a bluetooth headset on. Not always but usually, unless I’m charging the battery. Bluetooth operates in the same band as my Verizon 4G. Why are we not fear mongering bluetooth? Or are you?


So what happens if I’m one of those type people, that just doesn’t give a shit about being one of “those type people”. The world is crooked,learn to trust your own senses. Just because someone can quote verbatim all kinds of crap they have been taught to tell us how safe some crap is doesn’t mean shit.
In the pursuit of big bucks they spin all kinds of shite.

Sun Cream
E Cigs
Womens make up
Anti perspirant
Question everything and take the experts with a pinch of salt.


Rubbish! The NSA works for itself.


I believe that the fallout from Chernobyl still affects parts of the Welsh pastures.
( for the geography impaired, Welsh is descriptive and meaning a part of Wales in the UK )

edit: When I moved into my home in 1984 the guy next door had just been told that he had 6 months to live (cancer). He was still alive 5 years later, which is when he told me that he had been given 6 months to live. :rofl:


I’m not a fear monger. I’m not selling gold coins or bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies. I’m not into doom and gloom. I have a positive outlook on life.
I question authority as any healthy person that has his senses.
I’m not criticizing or denigrating you. I ask questions about everything.
The young man in the picture above was told when he was 60 that he was gonna die in 6 months by expert doctors. He went back to his country to live his remaining few months given. After 10 years all his doctors had died. The man lived another 30 years. God bless him.
Experts have been proven wrong time and time again… and again.
I’m a sceptic.


Maybe. Probably only a handful of people in the US know how true or false that is. Not sure the POTUS is one of those people either. It’s a squirrelly organization.


I don’t rely on experts. I am one. I trust my own work.

On the other hand … it looks like you have found “experts” that make little YouTube videos. You apparently trust them. Funny actually. You and other alarmists have posted all the YouTube videos from “experts”. Not me. Shall we count them? You posted at least 10 from your experts. So it looks like you trust these experts. Not me. Like I said… I trust myself and my knowledge.


You like to insult. You’re full of yourself.
You assume I trust them. How lazy of you.
I trust no man. Especially you.
It’s like I’m arguing with a narcissistic teenager.
You’re wasting my time.



Dude… you posted a dozen of YOUR experts warning us about 5G. Then you post reasons and examples intended to belittle those who trust experts. And I don’t even trust “experts”. I trust myself. And I posted from my own knowledge… not any experts. It is you who are posting YOUR experts’ videos and then criticizing people who trust experts. Go easy on yourself man.


Every expert has at least one of these…



Ah… an expert on experts.



5G Radiation Dangers – 11 Reasons To Be Concerned

#1 – A Denser Soup of Electrosmog

#2 – Effects on the Skin

#3 – Effects on the Eyes

#4 – Effects On The Heart

#5 – Immune System Effects

#6 – Effects on Cell Growth Rates

#7 – Effects on Bacteria Resistance

#8 – Effects on Plant Health

#9 – Effects on the Atmosphere and Depletion of Fossil Fuels

#10 – Disruption of the Natural Ecosystem

11 – Most 5G Studies Mis-Leading

But let’s not doubt Bill Nye the science guy who claims it’s safe.
He will be refuting all the above shortly. 3…2…1…


Don’t go there! He is just giving an objective point of view! In other words its helpful in not losing perspective of being balanced.


I am afraid to ask what this is!


I just got a set of ear pods for my Birthday earlier this year and now I am afraid to use them! Dam! What is even more annoying, last year I got a new I-pad, and the stupid most annoying thing is there is no option for a headphone jack, I have to use a wireless option to access my music recording software! Ughh! This is really bothers me!


5G smartphones cause cancer; Big Wireless doesn’t want you to know