Global 5G WIFI Will BLANKET The Earth in A MOSAIC of “CELLS” - What You NEED To Know! With Max Igan!


Many dollars have been spent trying to use RF sensors to see through forest canopies. It can be done but the leaves do absorb much of the energy at frequencies where RF remote sensors work best.

Living in a green forest does sound… like living!


Probably also requires living in a place in the country that is more remote than most densely populated areas. A change in lifestyle is probably in high order for me.


They are available in various sizes, here is a larger one with some nearby items that will let you gauge its size.


Oh. I see. I know the purpose is to provide a space in which a nice clean TEM wavefront can be created so as to simulate a free space propagating wave, which is also TEM. I thought the shielding that it offered was more like a byproduct of the design, not the actual purpose. Do TEM cells have upper limits of frequency above which TEM wavefronts cannot be guaranteed?

But… cool. What kind of devices do you design/build?


Inside the Faraday structure is a receiving plate antenna with geometry to allow a 50-ohm match to external equipment (might be 75-ohm). The pointy end connects to a spectrum analyser and data on emissions from equipment inside the apparatus (hence the door on the side) are collected. One could also drive a high power signal to determine the effects of the irradiation on the EUT.


The EM principle of reciprocity should permit it to operate in either direction. It’s been awhile but I think that is how I have seen them used, with the source introduced at the little end and the equipment under test at the big end being an antenna and receiver… which was maybe an electro-optic dielectric antenna IIRC.



Experts, experts everywhere!


First of all, let me state my disclaimer as I post this video here, is that I am highly skeptical in what this guy is saying. I watched this last night, and I found it to be pretty compelling, but the question I had when meditating this morning is this a classic example of fear mongering? Especially considering he is offering something that seeks to gain monetarily? He does raise some legitimate points such as the cases of Government workers becoming ill in both the US embassy in China and Cuba, and that part scares the hell out of me, because no further information has been followed up in those cases but what I am seeking is other objective opinions here on what he is saying, especially as it relates to China and the US and the EMP threat to the United States and 5G being another arms race that is fueling the cold war between the two countries. What also adds a little to my anxiety aside from the fact there are many credentialed people from various fields of discipline who are raising concerns about this, is the fact everything else that is going on around us as being other issues that is diverting our focus from this topic while 5G is in the process of being rolled out without so much a debate on the topic.

Anyway, would like to hear peoples opinions and insights regarding this video and further thoughts on the prospect of this 5G rollout!


Well I watched that, and after came a link to this … which I also watched

The most repetitive thought that I have is, “can this really be happening?”


And now this!


Good advise to protect your health from unecessary radiation.


I just picked my nose while I was watching the beginning of the video. Really. And while I keep a piece of tape on the camera lens on my work PC, the lens on my cell phone was looking right at me.

I would not want anyone to know that I picked my nose. I’m afraid.

Excuse me now while I finish getting woke to the fear of 5G.

( BTW… although his details are wrong, his words about detection of stealth aircraft is right. But its not just obscuration that the system uses. The key is that stealth uses not just absorption but relies heavily on redirection of reflections so as to defeat monostatic radar… the most prevalent type of defense radar. Multistatic radar is not so limited.)

I like his phrase…
“All seeing digital god” . Then his appeal “please…put your phone on airplane mode”.

So now those of us who are not buying into the scare will be considered a part of Big Brother’s surveillance network since our phones can cooperate and contribute to the surveillance? This is where you people are headed.

"Are you now or have you ever been in public with your phone turned ON?..ANSWER THE QUESTION SIR!"

Congrats. You scaremongers just proved once again that Nietzsche was right:

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”
Friedrich W. Nietzsche

You people have become the monster.




But now you will be watching me… to see if I have my phone turned on. That is the logical conclusion to what your video clip said.


Ha ha! REC for the Nietzsche quote!

Hey I say its healthy to be discussing this sort of stuff and you are fit to be balancing all of us out and at the least making us feel a little easy about our anxieties!


Or maybe he works for the NSA :eyes:





Listen… one of my most trusted friends, an engineering PhD, co-inventor for many of my patents, and overall smart guy is on-board with the 5G scare. So I may have strong words against the scare but they do not come from position of complete disrespect. Some ridicule… yes. Some admonishment… yes. Some sarcasm… yes. Complete disrespect… ummm… no.

[color=invisible5G]And Robert, if you are a member here and reading this, just knock on my office door with that
Knock knock knock knock knock…
Knock knock

pattern when I’m in someday, so I know you are posting here.[/color]


Or maybe the NSA works for me.


I knew this guy who was a nuclear scientist, PhD and all. He told me nuclear power plants are safe, you got nothing to worry about, it’s clean he said.
Tell that to the people who lived in near Three Mile Island.
Tell that to the people who lived in Chernobyl.
Tell that to the people who lived in Fukushima.
Listen to the experts.