Global 5G WIFI Will BLANKET The Earth in A MOSAIC of “CELLS” - What You NEED To Know! With Max Igan!


Dude…the dangers are even greater with the existing frequency bands.


Those frequencies do not penetrate the ocean.


I don’t use wifi at home. We only switch it on when we need it for the children’s ipads. Everything (PCs, TVs, printers) is connected through ethernet cables.


I think he’s more of a free range type. Or is he the prodigal son type? :thinking: :grin:


Not sure you understand. Long before 5G was a gleam in any cell phone service company’s eye, the permissible levels of exposure for this 5G frequency band were researched and documented.


So can they penetrate people as we are mostly water?


Whatever! I can’t keep up! :smile:


I understand very well who did the research.


No. … at cell phone levels, not beyond the skin. You see… its just the opposite. The amplitude of electromagnetic attenuation in lossy media decreases in distances measured in wavelengths. So let’s say the energy is absorbed within a half wavelength. All else being equal - that is, conductivity levels being the same - the small wavelength (high frequency) energy fields of 3 mm, will be attenuated in 1.5 mm, while the larger wavelength (lower frequencies) fields of 15 cm will penetrate 7.5 centimeters before being attenuated.

That was a simple example with relevant but notional numbers. The details do vary more than what I mentioned in that notional example. But the conclusion is correct, all else being equal, penetration is greater at the existing 3G/4G frequencies compared to the 5G frequencies.


Ummm… i have no idea what their role was. But I doubt it. They probably could not have even generated those frequencies used in 5G.

But I can assure you that there is much recent research.

I’m stopping now. Pearls before swine, an’ all. Sorry.


What is the boundary frequency where the attenuation ceases? For instance X-rays and visible light can pass through … if you know. Thx


Answer: When the molecules and their atoms are so slow in comparison to the periodicity of the energy in question that they cannot follow fast enough to reorient themselves nor to create currents. Then the material simply cannot interact with the field.

I did not mention it before because the frequencies in question are so low that only nearly linear phenomena is relevant and my statements are qualitatively correct, albeit simplified. There are resonances of tissue and water. Below resonance there is absorption. Above resonance there is absorption too. But far above resonance frequencies, yet still in the non-ionizing domain, there is less interaction between the material and the electromagnetic field. The behavior of the field’s interaction with the wave can be shown with various but equivalent formulations. One formulation uses a permittivity that has a real and an imaginary part. The relationship between the two parts is described by the kramers-kronig relation. I did not think anyone here was ready to discuss the nonlinear kramers-kronig form of the complex permittivity of materials such as human tissue molecules. So I gave a simplified answer.

Look up “electromagnetic spectrum” to find out more. Also spend a moment reading about ionizing and nonionizing radiation. 5G millimeter band frequencies are nonionizing radiation… by a factor of at least 10,000 .


[PS. This is a fairly complex issue. So I expect alot of “yeah but” skepticism being generated as people think of this or that case that seems to contradict my writing…So, as I think of these cases, I will add detail to the above to address the apparent contradictions… which are not really contradictions when the more complete theory and practice of electrodynamics of continuous media is understood. ]



If you think cancer is a joke from EMF, go ahead and hug a 5G tower.




Wavelength for 86 Ghz is approximately 3.5mm

Sorry! I responded to this inadvertent misplacement of the decimal prior to reading that it had already been sufficiently covered.



How long do we have to live before they decide to cook us?


So will this new 5G be admitting EMF and RF radiation? I am trying to wrap my head around this. Time to build a faraday cage around our house?