Global 5G WIFI Will BLANKET The Earth in A MOSAIC of “CELLS” - What You NEED To Know! With Max Igan!


Autonomous vehicles won’t become mainstream without 5G (or better.)


Advancing technology is always beneficial. You think 5G is all it’s about? What about all the stuff coming out that will need 5G to work? I notice you didn’t say 2G or 1G is fine. I wonder why? How about dialup? Why on Earth would anybody need broadband? :laughing:




You don’t think they’re going to be operating solely on GPS do you?


What do they need in 5G that is not available in 4G?


Speed. These things are supposed to be replacing human drivers. 4G isn’t fast enough to make split second decisions. By the time the data is sent over 4G and your car gets an answer back, the accident has already happened. Once there are more of these cars on the road transmitting and receiving traffic data it will be worse.


Oh Come on Wiley! Gee whiz, man I am not trying to discredit advancement in technology, as there are benefits to it such as having research capabilities at a blink of an eye but where does such advancement in technology become hazardous or adverse to humans? You don’t seem to want to answer that question, which is a legitimate concern especially for those who have documented the changes in human behavior in the advents of Social media, Internet etc. Have even considered what the ramifications are going to be on a global scale? Questions that maybe you should offer an answer to instead of trying to obfuscate by telling us that advancement in technology is always great, when you fail to consider that Humans as a species is prone to error. So no, I am going to disagree with you about the premise of Advancement of technology always being beneficial.



As someone who has worked in real-time software for a long time I can’t help thinking we are missing something. I accept that system performance can be improved using 5G, but to build a system the relies on 5G is just asking for trouble, IMHO.


Why do you want autonomous driving cars? Wouldn’t that eventually replace our freedom to be able to drive where ever we want our own cars? Isn’t that where society is going?


Hot dogs in the waveguides. Or something like that.


Dead pigeons in front of the antenna array.


Funny, I always wonder about the updates that were being made in which they are collecting data from our computers and building a profile of our computer habits. Of course I have no way of verifying that as fact, but the thought does cross my mind whenever an update is done, and its so frequent now that one has to wonder what are the specifics.


I nearly forgot. The first microwave ovens were called the “radar range”.


I embrace new technology. Always have. I’m an inventor and research engineer. But as far as office productivity goes, I find no value in the new version updates of MS office over the past 20 years. Office 97 had 95% of what people use today. And the Application Programmer’s Interface (API) was there for any inventive soul to add new customized features that they might need. Clipart was better too. I don’t know anything about the new software collecting our behavior data but I don’t doubt it.


I thought you had migrated to Linux…


I did, but still using Mac for other stuff. Linux is a bit of a learning curve for me as well.


Acknowledged. It comes bundled with Libre Office, which is compatible with Open Office and has handlers for anything MicroSoft will throw at you (probably :slight_smile: )


I once saw an electrician arguing with a septic tank cleaner. The cleaner in the end said, “You know about electricity as much as I know about shit!”
Okay, so you, almost control opposition contrarians and wizards have accepted the exponential growth of brain cancer on the side of the head the users held their cell phones, the breast cancers from women placing their phones in their bras, colon cancers from placing phones in back pockets, reduction of sperm count in men, reproductive egg damage in women, children developing problems from cell phone, tablet WiFi use as collateral damage. You see that as acceptable. Bravo!
Instead of trying to invest in protecting your populous by reducing any high or low damaging frequencies to zero, you want all in for an even more invasive radiation technology. Why not find more safer means for use of the EM spectrum instead of accepting the skewed studies done from profiteers to line their pockets? Have we evolved as a species to be lead by the most greedy that function only with the reptilian part of their brain?
It’s like an old American Indian saying that the wolf you feed the most, wins.


I take it that means you won’t be posting there anymore? :grin: Strange, it took you 414 posts to conclude it is a shithole. Awww.


Not entirely clued up on this but I heard that China has been testing with similar wavelengths in the desert. Ultimately, through the 5G network, they wil be able to locate any nuclear sub and people, whoever they want, switch on something and fry them from the inside out.