Georgia Guidestones has been Attacked! "Devil's Monument"

Technocracy’s handmaidens will undoubtedly take this as a direct threat to Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset program that includes population reduction and control over earth’s resources. Erected in 1980, the Guidestones appeared to be modeled after the Club of Rome’s Limits to Growth that was published in 1972. ⁃ TN Editor

The Elbert County Georgia Sheriff’s Office is investigating a mysterious event at the Georgia Guidestones after a picture was posted to social media showing what appears to be rubble at the site and residents reported hearing a “boom.”

It is not known at this time if the Georgia Guidestones were attacked by a person using some sort of explosive device or if there could have been a small earthquake that partially collapsed the controversial monument, which calls for a New World Order with a vastly smaller global population living “in harmony” with nature.

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Let the conspiracies begin!

Explanation and back ground on the Georgia Guidestones.

Out here in California, I’ve been oblivious to this piece of Americana. There was an clear flaw in the monument, though: if they were a little more clever, they’d have had a button to push to support the noble cause, and then have one of the slabs crush the volunteer.

It kind of represents in a metaphorical way the world crumbling all around us. Glad someone had the cajones to do this. Americans are starting to wake up.

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Here is an more in depth interesting commentary as to why someone would destroy these stones.

Answer = Nihilism