🤣 George Papadopoulos Officially Launches Congressional Campaign for Katie "Three Way" Hill's Seat


Former campaign aide for President Donald Trump, George Papadopoulos, has officially launched a congressional campaign for Katie Hill’s seat.

Papadopoulos teased the idea of a campaign on Twitter saying he would have news “soon on my interest in Katie Hill’s soon to be vacant seat in the 25th district!”

The Hill reports that Papadopoulos has already filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission declaring the beginning of his campaign.


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I’ll just mute this one and i’ll mute you.

buh bye scooter.

Dude! WTF? This is a forum right? Are you here to shill or have meaningful discussions? Judging how you are attacking everyone here I can’t seem what to make of it!

I don’t expect his campaign to get any wind beneath it’s wings in that district. It’s a nice trolling campaign for some easy publicity, but there is zero chance he wins.


Pay no attention. We all know how this works. Bans are always earned by the user…they are also satisfying for the rest of us when the hammer drops.

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Yeah you are probably right, but we do love the underdog in such story lines.

I thought the same thing. This gets him on Fox to promote a new book, that’s about it.

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Probably needs to recoup a lot of legal expenses.