Gavin Newsom has Some Serious Egg On His Face!

I love seeing Gavin Newsom make a complete fool of himself! Not because he is a democratic governor of Commiefornia, but because the guy is genuinely the biggest cuck out of all US politicians. The guy is ultimately failing the voters of California and this a major hit to his credibility, that is if he had any. Gavin Newsom’s signature law senate bill 27 has been ruled unconstitutional by the state’ supreme court.

Yeah sure! What ever you say!

Good news, thanks for posting the article.

The decision from the California Supreme Court will reverberate through the 10 states that had similar bills to California’s at the time Newsom signed it. Proposals from other states sought to force Trump to release anywhere from one year to 10 years of tax returns in order to get on the primary ballot.

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Let’s propose seeing the governor of California’s tax returns :wink: