Gangs are now to be known as Friendship Groups

Because “friendship” is the first thing I think of when I see a loud bunch of Africans wandering about with machetes.

Being politically correct is destroying society everywhere.

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And people as pathologically delusional as this are why we never should have closed asylums.

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My goodness! I thought for sure that was going to be a parody account. Nope. She is completely serious. If she likes these “friendship groups” so much maybe she should live around them and try to socialize with them on their territory.


They are looking for surrogate families…to stab.

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Jasmine Dotiwala, is a bit of a doti wala

she is a moron, its a shame idiots like this are even allowed to voice their opinions, they shut down criticizing muslums over there, why cant they shut down stupid opinions

Friendship groups? is she fucking kidding?
What is next the KKK is a civic organization
Neo nazis are misunderstood groups?

Tell you want Ms. Dotiwala, take your pretty little ass down to the area where these “friendship groups” congregate and after they finish sharing your ass around the friendship group write back and tell us what you think of these misunderstood friendship group of desperate young people from chaotic backgrounds


The woman is an idiot and so is anyone who thinks gangs are exclusively “African”.

Just about every race and ethnic group of any size in any country has gangs including whites.

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Sod off mate. It’s the Africans who have an obsession with stabbing random people and wandering about in gangs. Other gangs exist. In this context we are talking about the Africans here in the UK.


Don’t mind our resident liberal. He’s got an obsession with diversity and equality. Just go to his profile and smash that ignore button :joy:



He must have never seen that kind of beast in his natural habitat.

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Gangs were overwhelmingly white in the UK until the last few decades and white gangs are still very active all over the UK.

The world however is most certainly much bigger than the UK and any nationality, race, or ethnicity in any numbers in any country has it’s share of gangs.

The UK is just suffering the effects of flooding the country with ethnic and religious minorities over the last couple of decades and in particular flooding it with minorities who are not from the civilized world.

Eventually the pendulum will shift or you’ll be buried in the stupidity of your own leaders.

Send him back to his actual native habitat, problem solved.

@norf, Gangs can be found in all races…

The OP wasn’t talking about all gangs, he is talking about a specific gang the African gangs in his own country who is wreaking havoc and the idiot blogger who is tweeting about stop calling them “gangs” and trying to be politically correct

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Liberal, now that’s funny…